How To Keep Your Voice Safe

How To Keep Your Voice Safe
How To Keep Your Voice Safe

Video: How To Keep Your Voice Safe

Video: How To Keep Your Voice Safe
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The words "zoom" and "tims" have become firmly established in our lives. However, as experts note, online performances strain the vocal apparatus and sometimes create problems with the voice. What to do if your throat hurts? How to make your voice sound brighter and more confident?


According to Tatiana Neeshpapa, a general practitioner, pulmonologist, member of the Russian Respiratory Society, sore throat is one of the most frequent symptoms with which people go to primary care doctors. Almost every one of us experiences unpleasant symptoms in the throat area (pain, perspiration) 2-3 times a year.

Up to 600 patients with such complaints are treated by a general practitioner per ARVI season. The main diseases accompanied by such symptoms are pharyngitis and tonsillopharyngitis against the background of ARVI. For example, "chronic tonsillitis" is a very common diagnosis. According to some reports, up to 10% of the population of European countries and Russia are susceptible to the disease.

In this case, one of the causes of sore throat is overwork of the vocal apparatus. By the way, according to statistics, men on average say 10 thousand words every day, and women - 15 thousand. As the actor and public speaking coach Fyodor Balandin notes, voice fatigue is higher during online performances. However, there are several exercises that can quickly bring your voice back to normal.

“For example, you need to stick out your tongue as much as possible and say“K-G”several times - you will immediately notice that the voice changes. Another simple exercise: make your hands a boat and try to mentally warm the sparrow in them. In this way, we help to open up the voice divisions,”says Balandin.

However, if the throat is sore, other than exercise, treatment will be required. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are ideal for relieving inflammation and pain relief. In addition, antiseptics, hypertonic saline solutions, anesthetics, phyto- and homeopreparations are used. “There are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from the benzydamine group that simultaneously have antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects,” says Tatiana Neeshpapa.

By the way, in the Soviet Encyclopedia it is advised to dissolve a piece of ice for a sore throat. Dr. Neeshpapa considers this recommendation to be quite justified: "Children like to visit me, because I allow ice cream if my throat hurts."

The experts gave some tips on how to protect your voice during illness or intense exercise.

1. Arrange a minute of silence during the day. If you constantly irritate the lining of the larynx with conversations, nothing good will come of it. The inflammation will only intensify and prevent the ligaments from recovering. In addition, you do not need to speak in a whisper: this puts even more stress on the vocal cords. Speak softly and calmly, but try to keep quiet whenever possible.

2. Monitor nutrition. It is important to exclude spicy foods from the diet - it irritates the throat mucosa. Refrain from using spices. In addition, you need to exclude any food that carries the risk of injury: drying, crackers, cookies.

3. Observe a comfortable temperature regime: if you have a sore throat, avoid temperature extremes. They arise, for example, when moving from a warm room to a cold one.

4. Breathe correctly. Experts recommend starting any speech on the exhale. In this case, you will have enough air to say the phrase, and the ligaments will not be overstrained.

5. Take care of yourself during illness. Stop working even online. A strong load on the vocal apparatus with ARVI can lead to the formation of nodules on the vocal folds, which can then develop into polyps, and they are treated only promptly.

Arina Petrova.