How To Temper Properly? Doctor Tells

How To Temper Properly? Doctor Tells
How To Temper Properly? Doctor Tells

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Regular quenching with cold water 2-3 times a week increases blood flow and strengthens the immune system. In this case, the temperature should be reduced gradually over 6 months. Sergei Bondarev, Professor of the Department of Sports Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation of the Institute of Clinical Medicine named after Sklifosov Sechenov University, told the Agency "Moscow" about this.


According to the expert, competent hardening leads to increased blood flow, quickens breathing and activates immunity to fight seasonal viral diseases. However, it is necessary to increase the cold loads during hardening gradually - within six months.

The doctor advised to break this period into equal intervals with a gradual decrease in the temperature of the water. In the first days, 22 degrees is enough, at the end of the 6th month the water should be about 6 degrees.

“The impacts should be short-term and fairly regular - at least two to three times a week,” the specialist emphasized.

Ignoring safety rules can lead to hypothermia and over-stress for the body. Chronic diseases may worsen and acute conditions develop.

According to Bondarev, even for a trained person, the minimum permissible air temperature for hardening should be at least 2-3 degrees below zero. And even it must be approached gradually.

After dousing, you need to immediately be in a warm room, dry yourself thoroughly. This will avoid cooling the body through fumes.

For many people, hardening is contraindicated. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor first. First of all, this applies to people with neurological disorders and a tendency to convulsive syndromes.

They are also patients with chronic lung diseases in the acute stage, bronchial asthma developing in response to cold, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, added Sergey Bondarev.

Source: Agency "Moscow"

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