About Home Workouts, The Fight Against Cellulite, Injections And More: The Beauty Secrets Of Fitness Guru Anastasia Mironova

About Home Workouts, The Fight Against Cellulite, Injections And More: The Beauty Secrets Of Fitness Guru Anastasia Mironova
About Home Workouts, The Fight Against Cellulite, Injections And More: The Beauty Secrets Of Fitness Guru Anastasia Mironova

The editorial staff of WMJ.ru found out from the blogger with a million subscribers, fitness guru and founder of the Marble Lab brand Anastasia Mironova, the answers to the most pressing women's questions - about proper nutrition, home workouts, body care and more. Details are in our material!


About proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the first step to a beautiful and healthy body. Nastya is of the opinion that a reasonable approach is to limit calories consumed, and not to refuse a particular product. When working on the figure of your dreams, first of all, you should set a calorie limit that cannot be exceeded: you should eat less than you spend energy in a day. If such a deficit is observed, the body will use the resources stored for a rainy day and burn fat deposits. Remember: the main thing is not what, but how much you eat.

If you work out in the gym or even at home, then the diet needs minor adjustments. 1.5-2 hours before fitness, it is better to eat easily digestible food so that there is no discomfort during exercise. After class, if you gain muscle mass, fast carbohydrates, such as fresh or fruit, are allowed. And only not earlier than in half an hour you can afford a full meal.

If your goal is to get dry, then rely on foods rich in protein and fiber.

About home workouts

Nutrition, but without training, one cannot dream of an ideal body. The success of any undertaking is in regularity. If it is not possible to go to the gym, work out at home, the main thing is not to take long breaks, the muscles must be given a constant load.

The duration of a workout at home can take 40 to 70 minutes. This time is quite enough to evenly work out the muscles of the whole body. If the time allotted for home workout is very limited, then you can try to do the Tabata or HIIT system, 20-30 minutes will be enough. And of course, high activity is required during the day.

You will find part of Nastya's workout on the buttocks in the video. Watch it soon, this girl has a lot to learn.

About body care

Any care and procedures are effective only in conjunction with proper nutrition and sports. Massages and body wraps are not a panacea, but they still help you get closer to the body of your dreams. All methods work perfectly only in combination, it is impossible to approach the ideal only by massages alone, constant and varied work is needed.

About cellulite

The presence or absence of cellulite is due to many factors: from the level of stress, genetics, hormonal imbalance, and to nutrition, drinking regimen, and so on. It is necessary to start not with funds, but with proper and balanced nutrition, regular physical activity, normalization of hormonal levels and replenishment of macro- and micronutrient deficiencies. If there is one, of course.

“I take tests twice a year and maintain the required level of vitamins and minerals, take dietary supplements and vitamins as prescribed by the therapist,” said Anastasia Mironova.

To improve blood circulation in problem areas, as well as normalize lymph outflow and eliminate congestion, use warming oils, lymphatic drainage cosmetics, for example, a scrub from Nastya's "Volcanic Ash" line. Anti-cellulite manual massage 2-3 times a week and home spa treatments with a lymphatic drainage brush are a mandatory minimum program.

About stretch marks

Stretch marks often appear after intense exercise. It is quite difficult to get rid of them, so it is better to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.The first thing to start with is to strengthen the skin and prevent dehydration. Oils, fatty creams and an established drinking regime will help in this matter.

About favorite procedures

The ideal figure glorified Nastya on Instagram, but the fitness guru does not forget about facial skin care and trusts her beauty to professionals. Regular visits to the beautician, 1 to 3 times a month, help to keep the skin healthy and well-groomed. Favorite procedures - cleansing, peeling and moisturizing. However, Nastya admitted that she also uses injection techniques. To nourish the skin with the necessary substances and accelerate its renewal, the girl does plasmolifting of the face and scalp - injections of concentrated blood plasma obtained from her own platelets. Sauna and Balinese massage help you relax after workouts and in the middle of a tough week.

As for home care, there is a standard set: enhanced moisture in winter and maximum sun protection with SPF creams all year round.

Beauty needs an integrated approach and a lot of effort, but admit it, it's worth it. You will find motivation in our photo gallery!

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Photo: Instagram / @ mironovanastasiia, press service

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