Shin As A Premonition. How To Pump Up Massive Calves By Summer

Shin As A Premonition. How To Pump Up Massive Calves By Summer
Shin As A Premonition. How To Pump Up Massive Calves By Summer

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The lower leg is the muscle that can ruin your overall appearance. You can have a raised top and massive thigh muscles, but if your legs are thin as matches below, the whole appearance crumbles.


How to pump up the muscles of the lower leg, which in bodybuilding are called the most "harmful" and stubborn - "Soviet Sport" understood.

We select the program

In strength training, there is no consensus about which load the lower leg responds to better. Some sources - for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger - believe that the shin grows better from limiting weights and "low repetition". Others - such as Dorian Yates - believe that it is necessary to "punch" the stubborn shin with medium weights and a lot of repetitions - from 15 to 20 and above.

Who is Mikhail Shivlyakov - a Marine who raises the barbells covered in blood

To understand which exercise regimen works best for you, alternate between high and medium weight training cycles. Each cycle should take an average of three weeks. At the end of it, look after the result and - if it does not satisfy you, change the weight and the number of repetitions.

Turn on the intensive

The calf muscles are relatively small and regenerate quickly. Therefore, they can be trained more often. If you "did" the shin once a week in addition to your regular leg program, start exercising that part of the body two to three times a week. Follow the result. Pause one day between shin workouts.

We go up the stairs

Outside the gym, the shins can be “loaded” up stairs. Avoid the elevators and always walk to the correct floor. As you climb each step, rise to the toes of your feet - feel the tension in the calf area. This "household" workout will always keep the calf muscles in good shape.

Jumping rope

Rules for working with large weights. Powerlifter advises

Regular rope workout is great for training your lower leg. Do several rounds of jumping for 1 to 2 minutes before each workout. Land on your toes; when jumping, do not put your heel on the floor. Otherwise, it will reduce the load on the calves.

Learn double jumping rope (two turns per jump). They will make your shins work even harder: you will have to jump higher and push harder off the ground. In addition, double jumping is a great exercise for fat burning.

We train calves during the day

Calf workout can be done right in the middle of the day - it doesn't matter if you are in the office, at home, or on a walk. Raise your feet on your toes and lower them with tension when sitting at the office desk - do this until a burning sensation in your calves appears. Do a series of lifts, sitting on the child's shoulders - turn the exercise into a game. During the walk, try to do the sections of the path on toes, and at the end, do a series of 15-20 jumps from the squat. Together, this will help turn your calf from a lagging muscle into your pride.

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