How To Build Pectoral Muscles?

How To Build Pectoral Muscles?
How To Build Pectoral Muscles?

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Many Hollywood action actors have bulging chest muscles and arms. It is the upper body that is associated with the strength and power of a man. There are tons of exercises to achieve this shape. But, as in any other training, the features, mistakes and requirements for the athlete are highlighted.


The results of the classes are minimal if you do exercises with the wrong technique or chase weight. All departments need to be worked out in equal proportion and workload. Exercises should not be repeated. It is recommended to complete all basic options on a rug and on simulators per week.

Features of the structure of the muscle

The chest area is divided into 3 parts:

The top is the collarbone.

The middle.

Bottom - below the nipple line.

This division is rather arbitrary, since during the exercise all muscles are involved, and they are on the same plane.

When choosing a suitable complex, an athlete needs to look at his own anatomy. It is important to consider:

Muscle fixation. With a tight and deep connection, it seems that the zones grow into one another and there is no space between the muscle tissues.

The length of the abdomen. People with long limbs will have to train harder and harder. To achieve the result, they work in an extended amplitude. Most of the exercises are done with dumbbells.

The width of the shoulders, their flatness. If a person is of the ectomorph type, with narrow shoulders, relative to the chest, then it is better to take dumbbells. A barbell is suitable for athletes with wide ones.

Disproportion. You need to fully develop the pectoral muscle. If some departments are pumped more, others will receive less load.

Workout in the gym

For breast pumping to be effective, it is recommended to go to the gym and work out on simulators. This type of training has significant advantages:

Replacing free weights.

Consolidation of the result.

More possibilities.

To create a broad pectoral muscle, various simulators are used - Hammer, Smith machines, Peck-Dec or butterfly, crossover, pullover.

With the help of the first, large parts of the chest zone are pumped. On it, all exercises are done while sitting, so the blood does not rush to the head, and there is no deterioration in health, as is the case with the press upside down.

At first, it will be difficult for the athlete to train, as the handles move in different directions. This helps to coordinate the work of the muscles of the right and left half of the body. There are different exercises for the one-arm press. For beginners, such actions will be difficult, so the classics will be enough.

Smith's car is suitable for both girls and guys. Her advantages:

The presence of a system of counterweights that reduce the weight of the bar.

Correct execution of the movement due to the specified trajectory.

The Butterfly simulator, translated from English as “butterfly”, has a similarity to the lying arms. But here the muscles tense even at the end. The chest zone becomes proportional, a relief appears, deep areas are worked out. All sections are well stretched on the simulator, which enhances blood circulation. It can be used for girls to give their breasts elasticity and tone.

The crossover is similar in structure to the previous mechanism, but here the load is transmitted through the cables. There is no trajectory here, so it is more difficult to perform and there are injuries. A pullover is a pectoral stretching machine. It allows you to exercise safely and without injury.

Lesson scheme

Exercises for pumping muscles are different. Experienced bodybuilders advise starting with basic movements and picking up medium weight. An effective complex consists of the following exercises:

Bench press lying. Designed to pump up the chest, triceps, shoulders and back. You need to lie on a horizontal bench, rest your feet.The weight is calculated so as to lift the barbell 10-12 times. Hands are shoulder-width apart, elbows are apart. With a smooth lowering to the chest, inhalation is made and on exhalation, full straightening is made.

On an incline bench. The upper part of the pectoral muscles is loaded, the delta is involved. The weight is taken 30% less than with the bench press. The exercise is done using the same technique as the previous one.

Breeding dumbbells. Can be done on an incline and horizontal bench. The arms are raised with the dumbbells and lower over the sides to chest level. You need to bend your elbows a little.

Dips on the uneven bars. A similar exercise is done on the wall bars. The bars must be far apart to fit the body. Performing exits to the rack, you need to slightly tilt the body forward. The elbows are spread apart. You need to go down as far as possible to stretch the muscles.

From the floor. A good warm-up exercise, but even it adds volume and strength. Hands are spread wider than shoulders, palms at chest level. The entire body is stretched and lowered parallel to the floor. To complicate things, you can take a load, put your feet on a chair or bench. And to simplify, you need to kneel.

The breast pumping scheme is based on the fact that a person repeats each exercise in 2-3 sets. At the same time, he does it 10-15 times. There must be a minute's rest between sets. Breaks in days are also needed. Muscles are restored, and then the effect is visible.

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If it is not possible to go to the gym, you can always arrange a workout at home or go outside. The abs and pectoral muscles can be trained together, as they are interconnected. The entire upper body will become harmonious.

Classes should be regular - 2-3 times a week. At the same time, do different exercises. Even classic push-ups can be modified and come up with variations for different complexes. The main task is to make different complexity. Experienced athletes helped beginners to create such a complex that can be easily done at home:

Push-ups on books. Designed for the middle chest. The task is to go down as far as the strength is enough, and therefore the books are substituted. So an additional amplitude appears and push-ups are done below the level of the palms. It is recommended to repeat 4 sets of 15 times.

With a stop. The classic version, but at the last point you need to linger for 2-3 seconds.

Explosive. The exercise is suitable for people with physical fitness. After doing push-ups, you need to push off the floor and clap in your palms.

With a slope. We fix our legs on a hill - a bench, a chair, a sofa. We do the classic push-ups with a fixation at the bottom.

With a narrow grip. Thumbs should be touching each other. Triceps swing with chest mice. 2 sets of 10-15 times are recommended.

On the uneven bars. If the exercise is easy, it can be made more difficult by stopping at the lowest point. Do 4 sets of 15-20 times.

You can do push-ups with support. Take a small hill, for example, a book. First, put one hand on it, and the other remains on the floor and does push-ups. Then the limbs are swapped. Complicated options - changing hands, narrow grip on boxing, jumping.

Progress rules

To observe the surge of strength and development of the pectoral muscles every day, you need to follow the advice from experienced athletes:

The wide grip gives maximum tension. For beginners, it is better to do exercises with a narrow arm position. However, if the limbs are tightly brought together, then the triceps will be pumped, and not the chest zone.

The pumping of the upper section depends on the height of the arms.

The bench press or squeeze is done quickly and the dilution is slow.

Push-ups are considered effective, where the legs are located above the head.

During training, you need to monitor your breathing. Inhale in relaxation, and exhale in tension.

Starting with a set of 10 reps, it is recommended to increase each time. Gradually we reach 15-20 times.

Rest is important too. Microtrauma and sprains are possible.Muscles must be fully regenerated. You need to do it in 1-2 days. With daily exertion, there will be severe muscle pain.

Remember safety precautions. You don't need to take much more weight than you should. Training should be approached systematically.

It is recommended to keep a diary of activities. Then it will be possible to alternate exercises and not forget about individual parts of the chest zone. Diaries allow you to track progress and gradually increase the load.

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