Regional Blood Service Was Noted Among The Best In Russia - Rambler / Female

Regional Blood Service Was Noted Among The Best In Russia - Rambler / Female
Regional Blood Service Was Noted Among The Best In Russia - Rambler / Female

Video: Regional Blood Service Was Noted Among The Best In Russia - Rambler / Female

Video: Regional Blood Service Was Noted Among The Best In Russia - Rambler / Female

Now donors from all over the Kirov region are being admitted to the renovated blood center.


According to the regional health ministry, repair work has been completed at the Kirov Blood Center, which lasted six months. What is important, during the entire period of repair work, donor acceptance did not stop.

According to the chief physician of the Kirov Blood Center Andrei Tarasov, the transformations took place on two floors of the building.

We have updated the entire donor “route”. The registry, primary examination rooms were renovated: laboratory, treatment room, as well as doctors' offices located on the ground floor. Updated flights of stairs. Donor halls have been zoned for separate sampling of plasma, platelets, blood, as well as anticoid plasma, - Andrey Tarasov explained. - Now all the premises are made in the same style. Convenient navigation has been made.

In total, about twenty different premises of the blood center have been renovated. In some rooms, capital and finishing works were carried out, in others, the wiring was changed, the electrician was updated.

In some of the premises, LED lamps have been installed, as well as a suspended ceiling and new medical furniture.

The transformations affected not only the medical and general areas, where donors are received directly. Changes have also taken place in a number of office premises, for example, blocks where blood components are produced, finished products are stored, and they are dispensed to medical organizations.

Organizational changes have also been made to the activities of the medical institution, the main goal of which is to create comfortable conditions for donors, as well as to ensure anti-epidemic safety. In particular, the reception of those wishing to donate blood is carried out strictly by appointment. In the electronic registry, a schedule of specialists is available for 2 months in advance, added the Ministry of Health.

In order to combat coronavirus, the blood center is equipped with a special inlet filter with mandatory thermometry and hand antiseptic treatment. All rooms are disinfected on an hourly basis.

In addition, the number of administrators has been increased. Now three registry staff are involved in the paperwork, and another is helping donors in the hall.

For the convenience of donors, the center also differentiates flows by type of donation.

The blood service faces an important task of uninterrupted provision of medical institutions in the region with blood components, without which the existence and successful operation of such types of specialized medical care as surgery, resuscitation, obstetrics, hematology, oncology and others is impossible, - said Minister of Health of the Kirov Region Andrey Chernyaev.

As the minister noted, the Kirov Blood Center transfers more than 30 liters of donor blood components to medical organizations in the region every day.

Last autumn, the work of the Kirov center was celebrated at the federal level. Thus, according to the results of an independent assessment of the information openness and accessibility of the Blood Service organizations, carried out by the National Fund for Health Development, the Kirov Blood Center became one of the best organizations of the Russian Blood Service and was awarded the "Quality Mark".

As First Deputy Prime Minister of the Kirov Region Dmitry Kurdyumov noted, the Kirov Blood Center is also involved in organizing medical care for patients with a new coronavirus infection.

The Ministry of Health added that for those wishing to join the donor movement, the Kirov Blood Center is holding Donor Saturdays. This format of work will be convenient for those who cannot come to the center to donate blood on weekdays. Detailed information can be obtained on the official website of the medical institution, the VKontakte group and by calling 25-45-00.