How We Have Been Deceived All These Years: Cholesterol Has Nothing To Do With Atherosclerosis

How We Have Been Deceived All These Years: Cholesterol Has Nothing To Do With Atherosclerosis
How We Have Been Deceived All These Years: Cholesterol Has Nothing To Do With Atherosclerosis

Video: How We Have Been Deceived All These Years: Cholesterol Has Nothing To Do With Atherosclerosis

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Video: Cutting Through the Cholesterol Confusion with Dr. Barnard 2023, February

Today we want to discuss with you a sore subject - the topic of cholesterol. To begin with, I would like to tell you an entertaining story. The famous Viennese surgeon Theodor Billroth once invited his students to conduct an experiment. They had to remove the thyroid gland from goats and sheep. The results of the operations performed very much surprised the surgeon and his charges. It turned out that due to the operation in the animals in the blood there was a very sharp jump in the production of cholesterol, which led to complete atherosclerosis of the arteries. That is, animals that eat grass and never consume animal food containing cholesterol began to suffer from atherosclerosis. This was the first sign that thyroid problems could be causing atherosclerosis. Then scientists began to actively conduct research, which proved that one of the main causes of atherosclerosis is not the consumption of animal fats, but the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. In this regard, in the 19th century, atherosclerosis was treated by prescribing small doses of thyroid hormones to patients. Everything changed in the second half of the twentieth century with the emergence of a theory that blamed animal products exclusively containing cholesterol for the appearance of this disease. Many scientists are convinced that this terrible misconception is associated with the activation of pharmaceutical companies, which are looking for benefits everywhere.

Some experts think that it was this theory that became fatal for people suffering from atherosclerosis. One of the tragic examples of medical incompetence was the death of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. After a heart attack, the politician was prescribed a low-cholesterol diet, which only made the situation worse. The more a person restricts himself in the use of animal fats, the more the level of cholesterol rises. The consequence of this decision was rapid weight gain and several heart attacks, which became the cause of Eisenhower's premature death. None of the studies conducted have proven the guilt of animal fats in the development of atherosclerosis, but they decided not to disseminate this information. Just imagine how this would hit the revenues of pharmaceutical companies, because the leader in sales is precisely the anti-cholesterol drug. Scientists insist that the most effective way to combat atherosclerosis is to eliminate "dense" carbohydrates from the diet. They are found in sweets rich in starch and refined foods, and it is these foods that should be excluded from the diet. The famous physiologist Rudolf Vikhrov wrote that high cholesterol levels are only a consequence of disorders in the body. After analyzing the statistics, scientists noticed that people with low cholesterol have a 2 times higher mortality rate. It turns out that cholesterol is a powerful antimicrobial agent. It is simply necessary for the normal development of the brain and central nervous system of the fetus, which is in the womb. Low cholesterol levels threaten to overstrain the liver, since it has to synthesize it from carbohydrates instead of removing toxins from the body. - An antioxidant, if its level decreases, the body can be exposed to various diseases: cancer, sexual dysfunction, memory impairment, Parkinson's disease and stroke. Refusal from products containing animal fats is a disaster for mankind, as scientists and experienced physicians believe.

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