Ivana Trump And The Fight Against Obesity In The USA: "Donald Had Only One Weakness - The Big Mac"

Ivana Trump And The Fight Against Obesity In The USA: "Donald Had Only One Weakness - The Big Mac"
Ivana Trump And The Fight Against Obesity In The USA: "Donald Had Only One Weakness - The Big Mac"

Video: Ivana Trump And The Fight Against Obesity In The USA: "Donald Had Only One Weakness - The Big Mac"

Video: Ivana Trump Mocks Donald’s Weight: ‘His Only Weakness Is A Big Mac’ 2022, November

First wife of the President of the United States launches a campaign to promote healthy eating, continuing the work started by Michelle Obama


Obesity is an acute problem in America, and it is increasingly evident in Italy. Therefore, Ivan Trump, the first wife of the President of the United States of America, decided to join forces with Italian nutritionist GianlucMech to combat this problem. They will do this by promoting the "Italian Diet" in the US, which essentially allows you to lose weight without giving up delicious food.

Presenting her undertaking, Ivana clarified that she would not go into political issues, the affairs of the White House and my ex-husband. "I am First Lady Trump."

This means that there will be no comments on topical issues that First Ladies Melania and Laura Bush (LaurBush) have touched on in recent days, such as, for example, the separation of the children of illegal immigrants from their parents. The same rule applies to the fiasco that Ivana suffered when trying to change her ex-husband's culinary habits: “I tried to convince Donald to switch to healthy eating. I could tell him this a hundred times, but he always does as he pleases. He looks very good and is in excellent health. Its only weakness is the Big Mac. " Ivana, however, agrees to answer a few questions about her venture with Meck, which is a continuation of the Michelle Obama case. The former first lady promoted healthy eating, although it was the Trump administration that subsequently rejected some of its proposals to improve school meals.

Stumpa: Why did you decide to tackle the problem of obesity?

Ivana Trump: At first, I wondered: how can I be the voice of the fight against obesity? I'm thin. But, according to the latest research from the National Center for Health Statistics, almost 40% of adults and 19% of children in the United States are obese, that is, almost 30% of the total population. It all depends on the parents. After all, children will eat everything that their parents put on their plate. Therefore, if they are offered "junk", "junk" food - for example, pizza, unhealthy dishes, French fries - naturally, they will eat it, so they begin to suffer from obesity.

Why do you think the Italian Diet can help reduce the obesity problem?

- The "Italian diet" consists of special dishes that are prepared from low-calorie, low-carbohydrate foods. The diet includes a wide variety of pastas, pizzas, cookies, and other treats, all prepared with a special recipe that is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fiber. Gianluca Meca's dishes use artificial sweeteners such as polydextrose and erythritol. Green peas and soy protein are also commonly used ingredients. Many foods contain a mixture of various fruit and herbal extracts, including griffonia seeds, which have the ability to fight fat and help maintain a good mood. Herbs also contain detoxifying agents. Foods can be purchased individually, and those wishing to eat this diet can sign up for the program, which offers four meals a day.

Table Setting for Donald Trump's Inaugural Dinner as 45th President of the United States

- You have been to Italy many times with your children and ex-husband.What are your memories of your trips to our country, did they play any role in your taking on the initiative to promote quality food?

- I love Italians, they are such mischievous people. I was married to two of them, and I met many Italians. Once, Gianluca Meck was offering products from the "Italian Diet" in a restaurant. I was having dinner with another friend of mine, and he asked if I was on the Gianluca diet. I was surprised and asked: “Why? This is delicious". Then Gianluca sent me some groceries to New York. You don't have to give up delicious foods to stay fit and healthy. This is what Gianluca and I want to convey to obese Americans in our presentations across the country.

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