We'll Get An Injection And Serve Science: Muscovites Talked About Their Feelings After The COVID-19 Vaccine

We'll Get An Injection And Serve Science: Muscovites Talked About Their Feelings After The COVID-19 Vaccine
We'll Get An Injection And Serve Science: Muscovites Talked About Their Feelings After The COVID-19 Vaccine

Video: We'll Get An Injection And Serve Science: Muscovites Talked About Their Feelings After The COVID-19 Vaccine

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In Russia, on January 18, mass vaccination of the population against a new coronavirus infection began. Prior to that, only those who were in a special risk group received an injection from a dangerous disease. Now everyone can visit the vaccination centers. To date, two drugs are available - "EpiVacCorona" and "Sputnik V", in the near future the third will be registered. "Vechernyaya Moskva" talked with representatives of three different age categories, who were among the volunteers.


Age - 27 years old

Vladimir Arzhantsev works at a medical center and considered it his duty to test the vaccine on himself. The Muscovite voluntarily signed up for the vaccination. According to the man, having gone to the site where the vaccine "Gam-COVID-Vac-2020", that is "Sputnik V", is being investigated, he was pleasantly surprised that many people decided to join the global study.

- There were a lot of people, I counted more than twenty people. Although, when I went to the clinic, I thought that I would be alone, - admitted the interlocutor of "VM".

The reception point for volunteers was located on the territory of the 36th polyclinic:

- First of all, I filled out a questionnaire on the website of state services, after which I was invited to the medical center on a call a few days later. First, a therapist examined me, then they took a swab from the nasopharynx, blood from a vein, and urine to find out if I had used drugs.

Since the doctors were unable to obtain data on whether the volunteer was sick with coronavirus or not, two days later he was given the first part of the vaccine. Over the next three weeks (until the day when the introduction of the second part of the drug is scheduled), according to Vladimir, he did not experience any side effects.

- At first, I even thought that I was injected with a placebo, that is, a dummy, which is given to 25 percent of the subjects, as it should be according to the conditions of the study. There were absolutely no sensations, I did not feel anything strange, - said the interlocutor of "VM".

On the 21st day, the young man was given a second injection. Within a few days after the procedure, he admitted, he began to experience pain at the injection site:

- There was some kind of absent-minded state, slight weakness, and this is where all the consequences of vaccination ended. I got the feeling that they had given me a pacifier after all, and not a vaccine. To make sure of this and dispel doubts, I decided to take tests for antibodies. Despite the fact that antibodies to coronavirus are formed up to the 21st day after the second vaccination, I went for this procedure ahead of schedule. But, despite this, I was found to have IgG antibodies in large quantities. There is a possibility that by the end of the 21st day from the day of the second part of the vaccination (by the 42nd day from the day of the first part of the vaccination) the number of antibodies will multiply. But those that exist are already enough not to catch the disease.

Age - 45 years old

Nikolai Gorozhanov is another volunteer who had been planning to go for vaccinations for a long time, but due to his busy work schedule, he could not get into the procedure.

- I am a financial consultant by profession. And I often have to contact people. Since I am not indifferent to my own health and the health of others, I nevertheless decided to be immunized against this ailment. Many friends had been ill with coronavirus and told how hard it was for them. After the procedure, I came home, had dinner, fell asleep without any discomfort. But he slept very badly - the sleep was superficial, then the pulse increased, the right nostril was blocked, - he recalled.

The next day, Nikolai developed slight body aches, weakness and nasal congestion. According to him, the awakening was very difficult. After that, the man began to chill, the temperature rose. The next day, the symptoms of the cold disappeared, but the improvement did not last long. A day later, weakness and a runny nose appeared again. The clinical picture resembled those of an acute respiratory illness. Now Nikolai is feeling well. He noted that the painful condition passed after a week.

Age - 65 years old

Anastasia Novikova is 65 years old, a woman lives in Moscow. The retired woman on a voluntary basis, like her friend of the same age group, went to the Central Clinical Hospital to receive an injection:

- I'm tired of sitting at home and I want to see my grandchildren - many grandmothers will understand me. So my neighbor and I decided to volunteer for the test. We will get an injection, and at the same time we will serve science.

As in the rest of the cases, the process was divided into two stages:

- The first injection was delivered on October 28. As promised, we received the Sputnik V vaccine. The second - after 21 days. We were warned that symptoms of a cold with fever could occur in the next few days. But, surprisingly, neither I nor my neighbor had such consequences. Although in the subjects of the younger age group, similar symptoms appeared literally a day or two after receiving the first dose of the drug, the subject recalled.

Novikova noted that after vaccination, all participants in the experiment were sent to the hospital:

- During the first injection, I spent six days there. We were then constantly examined. Then there was a short break, I returned home.

After another two weeks, the volunteers were again sent to a medical facility, where they received an injection and spent another three days in a hospital under medical supervision.

Within six months, all participants in the experiment will undergo a physical examination and take tests. In the event of complications associated with the consequences of receiving the coronavirus vaccine, they will receive free medical care.

The interlocutor of "VM" noted that after the introduction of the second injection, almost a month and a half had passed, and she felt great.

Expert opinion

According to the immunologist, allergist Vladimir Bolibok, a painful condition similar to ARVI symptoms that occurs in young subjects after vaccination is a positive sign.

- We are talking about the reaction to the Sputnik V vaccine, or, as it is officially called, Gam-COVID-Vac. This vaccine, as a vector, that is, a virus, carries the necessary information into the human cell using two types of adenovirus. As a result, the younger category of subjects develops a banal adenovirus infection resembling ARVI, the doctor noted.

In older citizens, such side effects do not appear for the reason that they have previously encountered adenoviruses and they have immunity:

- But young people may not have immunity to them. Therefore, in this category of citizens, ARVI becomes a consequence of vaccination, and the elderly do not experience any symptoms.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that the occurrence of ARVI is evidence that the vaccine has worked. That is, the cells have perceived the adenoviral vector, the translation of the protein has begun, and, accordingly, an immune response will subsequently arise.

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