How To Deal With Hot Flashes - Easy Ways

How To Deal With Hot Flashes - Easy Ways
How To Deal With Hot Flashes - Easy Ways

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Every woman faces menopause or menopause sooner or later. And if for someone this difficult period passes relatively calmly, for others it becomes a real test. The excruciating hot flashes seriously reduce the quality of life.

Doctor and TV presenter Tatyana Shapovalenko told how to minimize the unpleasant manifestations of the climacteric period on the air of the program "On the Most Important One".

With age, the amount of estrogens in a woman's body decreases, and they, as you know, affect almost all organs, including the hypothalamus.

Normally, this part of the brain, along with other functions, regulates thermoregulation. If a person is hot, he sweats and thereby gives off heat, when he is cold, the blood vessels narrow, helping to keep warm.

When there is not enough estrogen, the hypothalamus can no longer cope with this function. In response to heat, cold, stress, and sometimes even from scratch, a woman has so-called hot flashes: she experiences a fever, her face turns red, her heart rate increases, and shortness of breath appears.

This attack lasts a couple of minutes, after which a severe chill begins.

If menopause is difficult, but the patient has no contraindications, hormone replacement therapy can easily remove the unpleasant symptoms.

In milder cases, as well as if the health condition does not allow drinking hormones, a number of simple rules help to alleviate the condition.

Dr. Shapovalenko advised women who have entered menopause to give up green tea, coffee and spicy foods that stimulate the release of adrenaline, as well as drink enough fluids and try to move more. For example, swimming and hiking are great.

Good results both in the course of treatment and as an express remedy are provided by the use of the amino acid beta-alanine.

This non-hormonal drug has a beneficial effect on the center of thermoregulation and is involved in the synthesis of carnosine and pantothenic acid, which have a vegetative stabilizing effect. As a result, the frequency and severity of hot flashes decreases, sleep is normalized, well-being and performance improve.

However, like any drug, beta-alanine has its own contraindications, so a doctor should prescribe the drug.

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