5 Interesting Facts About Strawberries

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5 Interesting Facts About Strawberries
5 Interesting Facts About Strawberries

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In pursuit of new-fangled overseas drugs for weight loss, non-aging, for a good mood, people are often ready to give unthinkable money. In fact, such drugs exist in nature. We just don't know anything, or rather, we don't even suspect about their properties. For example, what do you know about strawberries?


If you want to keep your mind clear for a long time, eat strawberries

This is indeed the case. Scientists of the laboratory of cell microbiology named after Salka in La Jolla, California, USA, found that strawberries contain fisetin, a substance that can fight memory loss in developing Alzheimer's disease. First, they conducted experiments on mice. For ten months, two groups of mice infected with the strain of premature aging were fed the same food, but fisetin was regularly added to the food of the first group. By the end of the experiment, it turned out that the difference between the groups was striking. Mice that did not receive fisetin showed marked decreases in physical and cognitive performance.

Then we moved on to experiments on humans. Nearly 122,000 nurses between the ages of 30 and 55 from 1976 to 2001 detailed how often and what they eat every four years. Since 1995, cognitive performance has been assessed in subjects who have passed the 70-year mark. At the end of the experiment, scientists found that women who regularly consume strawberries and blueberries - the most common berries in the United States - significantly delayed the process of cognitive degeneration associated with age. It was also found that it is the strawberry that slows down the aging process at the cellular level.

Strawberries instead of Viagra

The property of strawberries to increase sexual desire in both men and women was known back in the last century. The character of Gogol's "Dead Souls" Lieutenant Kuvshinov called his adventures to the ladies nothing other than "take advantage of the strawberry." Now you know why everything related to eroticism is called "strawberry".

Already in the XX century, it was found that strawberries have this property due to the zinc contained in it. It not only increases sexual arousal, but also increases the likelihood of getting pregnant by a quarter. By the way, the French, before sending the newlyweds to bed, prepare them strawberry soup with cream.

Strawberries will save the heart muscle

Anthocyanins are a class of flavonoids in strawberries discovered by researchers at Harvard University. They found that regular consumption of these berries reduced the risk of heart attack in women by more than 30 percent.

Eric Rimm, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, recommends including strawberries in the daily diet of women. In his opinion, this significantly contributes to the prevention of heart disease.

There are many diseases - one recipe: strawberries

Nutritionist, cardiologist, doctor of the highest category Rukhshana Neupokoeva can talk about strawberries for hours. For example, the pectin it contains aids digestion and helps fight bad cholesterol. Folic acid and iron, calcium and phosphorus, manganese and potassium will not let you lose heart, give vigor, strengthen the immune system. Specifically, the potassium contained in these berries, hypertensive patients are due to a decrease in blood pressure. Strawberries are not contraindicated even for diabetics, as they have a very low sugar content. American movie stars are well aware of this property of the berry and therefore often practice the strawberry diet.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, nutritionist-cardiologist Natalya Fadeeva also advises overweight people to eat strawberries. The doctor also claims that thanks to the vitamins C, B and PP contained in strawberries, this berry strengthens the immune, nervous and vascular systems.With a diuretic effect, it reduces puffiness. Also, strawberries are useful in cleansing the intestines.

Strawberries - help for the eyes

Man is almost the only mammal that is deprived of the ability to independently produce vitamin C. We get it mainly from fruits and berries. For example, from strawberries. Vitamin C protects us from the sun's free radicals while strengthening the cornea and retina of our eyes.

Until recently, scientists have convincingly argued that with a significant excess of the norm in the body, vitamin C can cause cataracts in women whose age tends to seventy. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have clarified this statement: vitamin C, obtained from all kinds of additives, vitamins, dietary supplements, is dangerous. This has nothing to do with vitamin C contained in vegetables, fruits and berries. Just one serving of strawberries contains over 50 mg of vitamin C, which is half the daily requirement for humans. Even if you eat half the amount daily, it will prevent clouding of the lens and subsequently relieve blindness.

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