Test: We Will Guess Your Skin Type

Test: We Will Guess Your Skin Type
Test: We Will Guess Your Skin Type

Video: Test: We Will Guess Your Skin Type

Video: How to Know Your Skin Type 2022, November

For the skin to look flawless, it needs proper care, and for this you just need to know its type. With this information, you can easily pick up creams, masks and other beauty products. If you have not yet determined your skin type, then just take our test, and we will help you with this!


You've probably heard that there are four types of skin: oily, dry, normal and combination. Do you know how they differ?

Oily skin

This type of skin can be described as the most problematic. The pores are enlarged, there is a predisposition to rashes and blackheads. Most often it has a grayish tint and an oily sheen. Such skin has its own plus: due to the increased secretion of sebum, it retains its youthfulness and smoothness longer, and the first signs of aging appear quite late.

Care features:

- To open the pores and they can be thoroughly cleaned, wash yourself with warm water.

- Clean your face at least twice a day, otherwise dust and dirt will settle in the pores, and this will lead to inflammation.

- To cleanse your skin, choose an alcohol-free product that removes oil and tightens pores. Alcohol is your enemy, it dries out the skin and forces it to secrete even more sebum.

Dry skin

Until a certain time, such skin does not require special care. The skin is not oily, soft, elastic, has a pinkish-peach tint. But without sufficient sebum secretion, over time, the pros turn into cons. People with this type of skin do not tolerate frost and wind well. Peeling appears on the skin, mimic wrinkles form prematurely.

Care features:

- Replenish the water balance by drinking 2 liters of water a day.

- You just need to do nourishing masks at least twice a week.

- Before going outside, apply a cream on your face that protects against aggressive environmental influences.

- Give preference to decorative cosmetics with caring components in the composition.

Normal skin

This type of skin is extremely rare. It usually occurs in children and changes after hormonal changes. And only a few have normal skin throughout their lives. It can be called ideal. Ideal hydrobalance and sebum secretion are the dream of many.

Care features:

- To maintain firmness and elasticity, eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

- Choose cosmetics marked "for normal skin".

- Do not overdo it with creams, masks and other products, use them only when necessary.

Combination skin

Combination skin type is one of the most common. Fatty film with this type is formed in the T-zone - on the chin, nose and forehead, but the cheekbones can be of both normal and dry type. It turns out that it is the nose and forehead that are prone to the appearance of acne and oily sheen. But this type has its own plus: with proper and proper care in adulthood, it can change to normal.

Care features:

- If the skin becomes tight in the evening, use a night moisturizer.

- Be sure to use products marked "for combination skin". Since there are different types of skin on different parts of the face, it is very easy to dry out normal skin, and clog up oily skin, which will lead to acne.

- Make it a habit to wipe your face with tonic after cleansing your skin. It normalizes skin acidity and PH balance, tightens pores and prevents inflammation.

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