Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Redness And Other Skin Problems That The Stars Would Like To Get Rid Of Forever

Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Redness And Other Skin Problems That The Stars Would Like To Get Rid Of Forever
Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Redness And Other Skin Problems That The Stars Would Like To Get Rid Of Forever

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The face is the first thing that people pay attention to when looking at a person. It's not good if, instead of smooth skin, it has pimples, rashes and redness on it. As it turned out, bad skin is a problem not only for mere mortals, but also for celebrities. We analyze the main skin "sores" that spoil the appearance using examples of celebrities.


Acne is the result of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. Inflammation and the appearance of acne is caused by the clogging of the pores with a plug, consisting of dead skin flakes and sebum. The pores become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Reasons for the appearance:

- Violation of hormonal levels. A striking example of the influence of hormonal changes on the skin is the transitional age, when the faces of almost every teenager are adorned with a bouquet of acne.

- Menstrual cycle. During the menstrual cycle, girls undergo hormonal changes, during which acne may appear on their faces.

- Disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Yes, oddly enough, but it is a sick stomach that can affect the condition of the skin.

- Climate change. Do not be afraid if after returning from vacation a couple of pimples appear on your face. See a beautician to get your skin in order.

- Improper nutrition. Nutrition affects not only the figure, but also the condition of the skin. Be attentive to the foods you eat.

Kendall Jenner drew everyone's attention at the Golden Globe Awards. Unfortunately, the reason for the discussion was not the adorable dress from GiambattistValli, but the pimples on her face. We are glad that the problem skin did not cause shame in the model and she shone with dignity at the ceremony.

A rash, like acne, can appear in every girl. The difference between them is in the reasons for their appearance.

Reasons for the appearance:

- Dirty hands - Touching your face with dirty hands can cause acne. Make it a rule not to touch your face with your hands!

- Allergies. A person can be allergic to almost anything - to dust, wool, cosmetics, plants and food.

- Dirty makeup brushes: Clean the brushes thoroughly after makeup. This is very important for several reasons: it will last longer and you will avoid serious skin problems.

- Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol are active provocateurs of acne. If you want to get beautiful skin, give up bad habits.

Long-term medication: Often, a red rash appears on the skin while taking antibiotics or hormones. It is worth treating it only after the completion of the treatment course.

“I never understood how important it is to wash my brushes, and now I know it,” said Miley Cyrus. And for good reason, the girl quite often faces the problem of acne on her face. But realizing all the consequences, she said: “Before going to bed, I always wash my face, no matter how late it is, even if I'm a zombie, I wash. It is important".

Hyperpigmentation is the accumulation of pigment, which leads to the appearance of freckles or darkening of certain areas of the skin compared to its main tone.

The reasons:

- Sun. Exposure to the sun threatens to overproduction of melanin, this provokes the formation of age spots and an increase in existing ones.

- Diseases of the liver and biliary system.

- Inflammation: Pigmentation can occur when wounds heal from burns, cuts, acne, and other skin injuries. As a wound heals, the skin around it may darken. This effect may remain for a month or two, or it may not go away at all.

- Medicines and diseases. Immune system disorders and gastrointestinal diseases can provoke the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Taking medications such as antibiotics, hormonal drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs, antimalarial drugs can also lead to this.

This is the problem Lindsay Lohan is haunted. After a long time in the sun, Lindsay's skin is covered with bright freckles. Of course, we know about the past adventures of the actress: stress, drugs, alcohol also had a significant impact on the condition of her skin. Lohan looks much better now than he did a couple of years ago. Her skin is radiant and her freckles are even beautifying. The main thing is that the beauty does not forget to apply sunscreen in order to avoid further problems.

REMEMBER: no matter what skin problem haunts you, never self-medicate! The cause of acne, rashes and other sores may be hidden. Only a doctor will say with precision what is needed for a full, and most importantly, effective treatment.

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