"Sleeping Pills Are Evil." Somnologist About Insomnia And Social Jetlag

"Sleeping Pills Are Evil." Somnologist About Insomnia And Social Jetlag
"Sleeping Pills Are Evil." Somnologist About Insomnia And Social Jetlag

Video: "Sleeping Pills Are Evil." Somnologist About Insomnia And Social Jetlag

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On World Sleep Day, "AiF-Chernozemye" talked with an anesthesiologist-resuscitator-somnologist at the Center for Respiratory Therapy and Somnology at the Regional Clinical Hospital Alexander Bryantsev about whether children grow up in a dream, how they become an owl or a lark, why snoring is dangerous and why long New Year's weekend.


Healing sleep

Daria Verbitskaya, AiF-Chernozemye: Alexander Vladimirovich, how many hours a day does a person need to sleep?

Alexander Bryantsev: On average, it takes eight hours to sleep. But we are all divided into short-sleeping and long-sleeping. For short-sleepers, 5-6 hours are enough, long-sleepers can sleep even 11. It is not even the duration that is important, but how long the deep stages of sleep take. If they last about three hours, then a person, having slept for even five hours, will feel asleep. During deep sleep, the brain scans all organs and systems to look for information errors. At this time, the brain eliminates the errors of the body accumulated during the day, which leads to the feeling that we have slept, as well as to the restoration of all body functions. After it, informational errors do not turn into physical ones, that is, they do not become real diseases. Therefore, it can be argued that sleep heals. This is one of the theories, according to which we ourselves restore our functions.

- Can a person who sees dreams get enough sleep?

- Everyone sees dreams, they just do not always remember them. In order to remember a dream, you need to wake up. If, after the fast phase, a person sees a dream and wakes up for 15-20 seconds, then he will remember it.

- What is the most correct sleeping position?

- First of all, this is due to a certain anatomical structure of people. When a person lies on the right side, the right lung is filled with blood better, and the left one breathes. At the same time, the left lung is smaller in volume. In addition, the curvature of the stomach is directed to the left side. On the right side, it is upside down, which creates conditions for heartburn. And for overweight people, the stomach sometimes interferes with sleeping on the stomach and on the back.

- So it's still best to sleep on your back?

- Better to sleep the way you feel comfortable. And when we sleep on our back, our lower jaw relaxes and goes down with the tongue, and it begins to plug the airways. While a person is young and has a wonderful tissue tone, the tongue does not reach the back of the pharynx, and breathing remains free. As soon as we get fat, the back walls increase, snoring appears, and after it, respiratory arrest. And this is already a sleep disease - one of the most dangerous for life and health.

- Does snoring occur more often in older people?

- In general, snoring is a disease of age. Snoring is scientifically called sleep apnea - a disorder of breathing during sleep. This is waiting for almost everyone. Statistically, at the age of 40, apnea suffers from about 30% of men and 10% of women, at 60 - already 50% of men and 30% of women, and at 65 - 90% of men and 50% of women. Severe forms of the disease are dangerous when a person does not breathe four and a half out of nine hours of sleep. In this case, he has an increased risk of heart attack and stroke - they happen 5-7 times more often.

No mode change

- What is social jet lag syndrome?

- Social jetlag is when we disrupt the daily routine, but not due to changing time zones, but due to some personal reasons. For example, five days a week we get up at 7 am and go to bed at 10 pm. And on Friday we allow ourselves to lie down at two in the morning, shifting our sleep by four hours. Figuratively speaking, it turns out that we flew to London. You don't have to go to work on weekends, so we sleep until 11 a.m. And on Monday you have to get up again at seven.

Thus, we lose the rhythm, which will be restored only by Thursday, and on Friday we again arrange a day off. This is the social jet lag syndrome. This is especially true for people who work in shifts. Having spoiled our sleep, we then get health problems in the form of diseases. The cardiovascular and endocrine systems are especially affected. Therefore, it is important to go to bed and get up at approximately the same time.

- It turns out that on weekends you need to adhere to the same schedule as on weekdays?

- Yes. Since I became a sleep doctor, I have stopped celebrating the New Year. No, I, of course, celebrate it, but only in the morning. What difference does it make if we meet him at 12 am with a glass of champagne or at 9 am at the rink? We have such a tradition with our children - on January 1, we go to the city center to the skating rink, there are few people at this time. Because these New Year's festivities are not only a blow to the liver and pancreas, but also to the routine. On the one hand, it is good that the holidays were made so long - there is an opportunity to smoothly recover. If only people still understood this and really recovered.

- What time is it advisable to get ready for bed?

- The deepest sleep falls on the first cycle, which should take place before midnight. Since the sleep cycle lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours, it turns out to be optimal to go to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening. And, by the way, the statement that children grow up in a dream is not a myth at all.

- And if a person is an owl, and not a lark?

- Honestly, people are not born a lark or an owl, but they become. Due to the development of certain stereotypes in the family or in any other environment.

Ritualization of life

- What should the bedroom look like?

- The sleeping room should serve for two important life processes - sleep and procreation. Everything. This is not a canteen, a cinema or a playroom. The darkness in the bedroom should be real. Lanterns and extra lights interfere with sleep. The air temperature should be comfortable - not higher than 23 and not lower than 18 degrees.

There are two hormones - serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is a natural antidepressant that is produced in sunlight. Therefore, autumn depressions are understandable - the day is short, and the weather, as a rule, is cloudy. As soon as darkness sets in, serotonin is destroyed and melatonin is produced, a hormone that supports sleep. Therefore, people with a lack of melatonin do not sleep much. A person went to bed, for example, at 10 pm and woke up at 2 am - he ran out of melatonin.

- Is naps really important for children?

- Children still have an immature body, which means there are many errors in the system, and they need to gain the total amount of sleep. Until adolescence, children must sleep 11 hours a night. To "get" this time, they need a nap.

- Does the duration of sleep decrease with age?

- In an amicable way, elderly people should sleep a lot too, because they have a lot of mistakes in their bodies. But there are other problems: people of this age develop neurosis-like disorders - depression, abscessions, fears, stress - hence insomnia.

- Can you cope with insomnia yourself? Eat a spoonful of honey, for example, or take a sleeping pill?

- If a person believes that a spoonful of honey helps him from insomnia, then he can really fall asleep. The so-called placebo effect will work. And sleeping pills are generally evil. Most of them have a chemical composition close to that of opioid drugs. At first, everything turns out well and there is even an effect, then tolerance increases and the effect of the pills worsens, so you have to increase the dose. And then look for something new altogether.

- What else can you do?

- There is a so-called behavioral treatment. You need to work on yourself - a person must convince himself and build a certain ritual. Going to bed, eating, going to church - these are all certain rituals. The best treatment without pills is to ritualize your life.You need to start the morning with a certain routine, continue it during the day and get ready for bed. If a person started with pills, it will be difficult for him to return to a healthy regimen. Although nothing is impossible.

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