We Dissect Dreams: Why Do We Dream About Sex, Horrors And People Who Have Passed Away From Our Lives

We Dissect Dreams: Why Do We Dream About Sex, Horrors And People Who Have Passed Away From Our Lives
We Dissect Dreams: Why Do We Dream About Sex, Horrors And People Who Have Passed Away From Our Lives

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The famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung believed that our dreams are messages sent to us by our unconscious. Analytical psychology is looking for ways to decipher this information and, according to experts in this field, has already achieved serious results in this matter.


Psychologist Daria Milay told reporters what dreams can mean, which cause confusion in us most often.

We can confidently say that dreams are our secret world, which can only be entered through the arms of Morpheus. In this world, there are practically no restrictions and we can meet in it people who have not been with us for a long time, fantastic animals and unusual phenomena that run counter to the laws of physics and logic.

Thus, the human psyche receives the emotional experience it lacks, which cannot be obtained in the real world. It is in this connection that we dream of people whom we normally cannot meet due to the fact that they are too far away or have gone to another world.

Often dreams also have a negative connotation - in them we can quarrel, fight and even kill. This may mean that the person rejects aggression, but in a dream, negative feelings are released. So the psyche relieves a person from the risk of a nervous breakdown or psychosis.

This also works with intimate experiences, including bisexual ones. In a dream, you can fulfill desires and dreams that you would never dare to realize in real life. In a dream, all this can be experienced quickly and vividly, while without the slightest risk to yourself.

What does sex in a dream mean?

But we must remember that it is impossible to interpret dreams unequivocally. Jung argued that the semantic field of a dream is always wider than the individual framework of a person. Images from fairy tales, myths and legends that we heard in childhood can appear in the world of dreams. At the same time, our unconscious fills even the most unusual plots with meaning in order to convey its messages to us with the language of images and symbols.

That is why Daria Milay does not advise turning to dream books, since dreams are very individual and for different people the same dreams can have the opposite meaning. For one, a mare seen in a dream will be a symbol of power and personal growth, while for another it will personify something frightening and incomprehensible.

This is the case with the most intimate dreams. They may not mean sex at all, but, for example, acceptance of oneself or certain personal qualities. A dream in which a woman enters into a relationship with a rich man can symbolize the fact that she is trying on certain masculine qualities, such as courage and determination. A businessman may simply be the personification of these traits.

A sexual experience with a woman for a lady, on the contrary, may indicate that she wants to try on a more feminine image, which many today had to forget about due to the peculiarities of modern life.

Dreams with death and nightmares

Do not be afraid of dreams in which people close to you die. Very often, such a dream means just your separation from this person. It is possible that the emotional connection or even close relationship with him will be severed, or, on the contrary, you will find a way out to a new level of mutual understanding.

Dead people can dream about serious changes. They seem to tell us that one stage in our life is completed and we need to be ready for a new one. A dying child, according to Jung, means that your inner child is deprived of something. This is most often associated with pleasure and the creative sphere.

If in a dream you kill someone, then the gender of this person matters.This image may be related to your masculine or feminine nature and does not bear any criminal or bright negative connotation at all.

Nightmare dreams usually reflect our childhood fears. Often, in a dream, a person finds himself in a place where he experienced severe horror or where an event that shocked him took place. If such dreams are often dreamed, then you can turn to a psychotherapist who will help to highlight the sensory component, that is, determine whether this dream is caused by fear, hatred or longing. Then you can find a way to get rid of the obsessive nightmare.

Can I use my dreams?

If the messages of our unconscious are comprehended, then maybe we can use them? Daria Milay is sure that this is possible. The practice of lucid dreaming helps to receive such signals and use them in real life. In order to use the information from the dream, you need to go to bed with a clearly formulated task - what question do you want to get an answer to.

Before going to bed, you need to put a pencil and paper at the head so that when you wake up immediately write down what you see. Unfortunately, dreams have a tendency to quickly disappear and there is always a chance to miss something important. The dream should be recorded as it went, avoiding speculation and attempts to rationalize what he saw.

Please note that our unconscious addresses us in the most primitive way, like a child of 3-5 years old, using simple words and simple concepts. It is important to write down not only the dream, but also your state after waking up. Curiosity, excitement, fear, anger - these emotions are very important for the interpretation of the messages.

Sometimes, when analyzing a dream, it is useful to analyze the last 7-10 days of your life, because it was at this time that something could happen that became a trigger for a dream. Do not forget that sometimes what we see in a dream can signal serious mental problems.

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