We Are Looking For A Way Out Of The Labyrinths Of Stress: How Not To Get A Nervous Breakdown In The Rhythms Of The XXI Century

We Are Looking For A Way Out Of The Labyrinths Of Stress: How Not To Get A Nervous Breakdown In The Rhythms Of The XXI Century
We Are Looking For A Way Out Of The Labyrinths Of Stress: How Not To Get A Nervous Breakdown In The Rhythms Of The XXI Century

Video: We Are Looking For A Way Out Of The Labyrinths Of Stress: How Not To Get A Nervous Breakdown In The Rhythms Of The XXI Century

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The disease of the 21st century has affected many of us. Lack of sleep, a spilled cup of tea or a bus that has gone out from under our nose can ruin our mood for the whole day. And if problems at work are added to them - an overdue task and a stern boss, then by the evening we will get a real nervous breakdown.

Relatives can also add fuel to the fire, who, not suspecting that everything is bad with you, will decide to load you with their problems. Unpleasant thoughts are enough for midnight. How to deal with stress if everything around you and your brain is deliberately attacking you?

Seventy-eight percent of the world's inhabitants live under stress, according to official statistics. The World Health Organization calls it "the disease of the 21st century." According to the WHO, this kind of tension has reached the proportions of a "global epidemic".

There is a saying: "If you cannot change the circumstances, change your attitude towards them." And this is probably one of the real solutions in a difficult situation.

“Let's remember someone from your loved ones (from those who were not particularly calm) or think about familiar people who periodically fall into a stressful state,” suggests Tatiana BORISOVA. - Introduced such people? Now, as if from the outside, observe their behavior and try to understand what emotions this action will cause in you. Then try to guess what you would say about all of this, with what words you would address people who are under stress. I bet - first of all, start to calm them down, explaining that their problem is the little things in life and they need to be glad that the situation will not entail serious consequences. Now remember yourself in moments like this. How many times have you been angry and upset about the little things? We were worried about them, lost peace and sleep, but in fact, as it turned out later, what was happening was not worth not only your worries, but even a bit of attention did not deserve."

The state of deep stress, which can later turn into depression, is composed of many factors. Most of them appear due to our environment. But look around - and you will see around a lot of people who are extremely difficult to get mad, despite the fact that they are in the same reality as we are. It's all about the raw data - our nervous system, our inner empathy, and our character itself. A great influence on our condition is also exerted by those moments to which we traditionally pay extremely scant attention: including nutrition, sleep and physical activity.

“It seems to us that in the era of high technologies it is enough to take a few pills, and we will get rid of nervous tension,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. - In fact, even the most effective and expensive therapy will not be able to protect you from negative emotions forever. Medicines are temporary help that removes the consequences, but, as a rule, has no effect on the cause of what is happening. As soon as you stop taking your medication, your condition returns to the previous level, and sometimes worsens even more. That is why drugs can be used as an ambulance, but it is necessary to restore the nervous system in completely different ways."

* Method 1: POWER SUPPLY

Specialist comment: “Normal functioning of the digestive tract contributes not only to a healthy state of the body, but also improves mood,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. - Many people know about this, nevertheless, they prefer to eat unhealthy food, and then go on diets.In the diet, it is necessary to maintain an acid-base balance, in this case you will always feel lightness in the stomach and an emotional uplift.

The fact is that traditionally we eat more oxidizing food, and we eat less food containing alkali. As a result, the body is oxidized, an environment appears that is favorable for the living and reproduction of various bacteria that have a bad effect on the activity of the body. Inflammatory processes occur within us, which directly affect the maintenance of the effect of stress. To dilute the acidic environment, you need to regularly eat food containing alkali. Vegetables, fruits and herbs help to heal the body. The latter can be eaten in unlimited quantities, especially in the summer, when it is most rich in vitamins. Many women cope with their temper tantrums by eating chocolate. This is also one of the products that affect the restoration of the acid-base balance."

* Method 2: SLEEP

Specialist comment: “Healthy sleep helps to restore strength and protect the body from stress,” says Tatiana BORISOVA. - You need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, while the fact of what time you go to bed is of great importance. Try to stay in bed before 22 pm, this is the most favorable time for a good rest of the whole body. If you go to bed after midnight, you often feel sleep deprived. For the body, this is not the best time to rest, so you have a feeling of discomfort. If your work schedule does not allow you to go to bed early, then try to compensate for the night's sleep with daytime sleep during the weekend. Take a few hours to rest, and you will very quickly notice the difference in states."


Specialist comment: “A sedentary lifestyle provokes changes in our body that affect the physical condition,” emphasizes Tatiana BORISOVA. - Do you remember the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body”? This is true, so the state of mind must be maintained through exercise. It doesn't matter what you choose - morning jogging in the yard, fitness, swimming, playing badminton or Nordic walking. Any physical exercise will be beneficial for the body, the main thing is to correctly combine them with your capabilities and not allow overload. Act according to the state: tired of walking - sit down, catch your breath and continue the exercises again. Little by little you will get used to the loads and will be able to carry them out without much effort."

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