How To Quit Smoking - Advice From A Psychologist

How To Quit Smoking - Advice From A Psychologist
How To Quit Smoking - Advice From A Psychologist

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Every year on the third Thursday of November, some countries around the world celebrate No Smoking Day. It was established by the American Cancer Society in 1977. On this day, with the help of psychologist David Amirejibi, we tried to answer the main question of smokers - how to quit smoking once and for all.


Quit smoking, get on your skis!

Of course, there are many methods for getting rid of the bad habit called cigarettes, but a psychologist advises us to one of them. This is a visualization technique. The specialist advises to visualize all the harmful effects that smoking leads to. It is necessary to imagine what tobacco does to the lungs, heart, blood vessels, cells of the body, what physical and physiological processes occur when a person inhales tobacco smoke.

"The throat, lungs, cardiovascular activity, the digestive tract is a whole system, and it is removed from the normal functional state by substances that we inhale and swallow with saliva when we smoke. Visualization is a very powerful subconscious mechanism that already at the subconscious level produces certain reflexes that help us get rid of the bad habit, "said Amirejibi.

After clear visualization, the brain begins to perceive information, makes a subconscious decision and chooses a strategy of behavior, said Amirejibi.

"That is why it is so important to visualize all this, then remember these pictures and imagine them in the process of smoking," Amirejibi explained.

In general, there are a number of purely psychological methods that can only be applied by a psychologist after examining each specific case. It is with a psychologist, Amirejibi is sure, that much greater results can be achieved than alone.

Motivation is another powerful tool in the fight against smoking. Previously, this motivation was more of a deterioration in health. Today, a social aspect has been added to it. Smoking becomes out of fashion, a primitive ritual, interferes with a career - in some cases, all these components help people to quit smoking.

"Look, if a person smokes for a long time, then psychological moments remain here. We call this secondary benefits. This is when, for example, I want to get rid of something, but the habit has some meaning for me, which I cannot so easily refuse I personally made such an observation when communicating with my clients, and I will give an example: Imagine that a person is watching some very emotional film and he is completely immersed in it, worries and practically forgets about the outside world. takes a cigarette and lights a cigarette. This is a ritual action that helps him to momentarily transfer his attention from the emotional state, disconnect from this situation and return to himself, "Amirejibi explained.

To disconnect from stressful moments, life problems that cannot be thrown out of the head - the ritual of smoking helps. According to Amirejibi, although nicotine is a weak drug, it induces a state of trance. And when you consider the effects of serotonin, which is also found in cigarettes, it activates the brain and stimulates thinking.

“That is why it often happens that a person thought, thought, wrote poetry while smoking, quit and cannot write anything, is not able to think. This has a tremendous impact on a person,” said Amirejibi.

People who quit smoking return to them because the motivation that accompanies the smoking process was not satisfied. That is, he could not find a replacement for cigarettes and returned to smoking as a universal method.

Those people who smoked, but still managed to get rid of the bad habit, according to the psychologist, realized what their needs are and how they can be satisfied without cigarettes.

"They do not need a magic wand for meditation. They have this culture. The strongest need associated with smoking, in such cases, is compensated by something else, and then people easily quit smoking," said Amirejibi.

The psychologist advises everyone to make a list of when and in what moments they want to smoke, what needs are satisfied by the smoking process itself, what needs remain if they manage to quit smoking. Then, each given element is realized and passed along with a psychologist.

"Not only do we smoke, we smoke without culture. Everything that we sell is not tobacco at all, but a real poison," Amirejibi concluded, adding that the main thing is to come up with your own method of replacing the smoking ritual, for example, with the ritual of tea drinking, or some other action that will make it easier for a person to fight a bad habit.

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