Gained Over 9 Kg Of Muscle In 12 Weeks

Gained Over 9 Kg Of Muscle In 12 Weeks
Gained Over 9 Kg Of Muscle In 12 Weeks

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Name: Dmitry


Date of birth: 28.12.1990

Height: 181.5 cm

Weight: 82.7kg

When did you start practicing, and what exactly prompted you to do this?

I will remember my first visit to the gym on a promotional subscription for the rest of my life - it was a warm September 2008. I looked at the faces of the jocks who performed exercises, terrible in my opinion, with an incomprehensible trajectory of movements. My personal turning point came in 2011 when I decided to get serious about my body.

What is your main motivation?

Thanks to the fact that I got a certain result of my efforts, I got motivation to develop. I remember how in the spring of last year I gained almost 9 kg of muscle mass in 12 weeks, can you imagine? This year, I do not set myself the goal of gaining the same number, because I do not want to be huge. The main goal is to support 81 kg.

How many workouts do you have per week and when do you do it?

My training week is intense - 5 times a week. Of these, 4 I work on strength indicators with basic exercises.

Regarding the 5th day, I have it allocated only for cardio. For me, the optimal time for classes is morning, and I get up quite early in order to have time to eat 1.5 hours before the gym.

What does your training program look like?

People mistakenly believe that if they have the same "magic program", it will make them a muscle giant. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple, and it is not the order or a certain set of exercises that is important here, but the technique itself and the feeling of one's own muscle fibers. As soon as I learned to feel my muscles, I immediately made progress.

But still, what exercises do you consider good?

My favorite exercises are basic, and literally every one of them is a benchmark for me. Bench press on deltas, squats, bench press and others. In my practice, I always separate the bottom and top in training in order to work out each muscle group with high quality.

Do you think it is important to exercise properly, or eat right?

I believe that the most important part in any training process is proper recovery. The first years I did not pay much attention to this, exercising a lot and a little rest. I did not understand that proper rest is important for muscle fibers, during which they grow.

What can you highlight in weight training?

The most important thing is a constant progression in weight on basic exercises, because at the same weight, the muscles will not progress. It is also important to keep the calorie intake for the day so that you fully compensate for the energy expended.

How exactly do you control your progress?

From the very beginning, I made it a habit to write down my workouts in a notebook, so that at any time I can pick up the story, conduct an analysis and talk about the results that I have achieved over a particular period.

Do you focus on your abs and what exercises do you do?

Thanks to my physique, I have never suffered from excess fat in the abdomen, so I do not get hung up on twisting and other techniques on the abdominal muscles. For me, just a few approaches at the beginning of the workout are enough as a warm-up.

What does your relief work look like? Do you focus on diet or exercise?

Whatever you say, diet is the main path to a sculpted body. In order not to suffer from excessive deposition of subcutaneous fat, it is enough to regularly monitor the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the diet.

Do you have any sports nutrition that you are taking?

I don't really like sports nutrition, and certainly not a fan of it. But, I have to use it every day, because I cannot replenish the carbohydrate-protein balance in another way due to lack of time.

Is it possible to bypass sports nutrition?

My answer is yes. In exchange for high protein frothy milkshakes, you can simply eat well with enough protein and carbohydrates.

Are there any mistakes in training that you would not repeat?

The first thing I can say is that I would train less often if I brought back the past. I would stop wasting time in isolation and turn to fundamental techniques. Second, I would eat right, because of which the results increased.

Your personal advice to all newbies

Do not think that your muscles will begin to grow only if you work in the gym with unbearable weights, from which the spine is cracking. You also do not need to "live" in the gym, because the recovery period is when your muscles grow. Observe the progression in the scale and never stop at results.

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