The Pediatrician Told What Conditions Do Not Require Treatment In Children

The Pediatrician Told What Conditions Do Not Require Treatment In Children
The Pediatrician Told What Conditions Do Not Require Treatment In Children

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Pediatrician Maria Makarshina listed 12 conditions that usually do not require treatment in children.


The first non-medical condition is neonatal acne. According to the expert, this is the physiological condition of the skin in children aged 1-2 months.

Parents should not be intimidated by the marbling of the skin and cold, wet hands and feet in babies. This condition indicates the immaturity of the autonomic nervous system.

Baldness of the neck in babies is also a natural genetically programmed process.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp is also not a cause for concern. This is just a feature of the work of the sebaceous glands and flora of the baby's skin. Treatment is required only with severe severe symptoms that cause discomfort, the pediatrician emphasized.

The expert also urged not to pay attention to changes in neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain). Choroid plexus cysts, expansion of the interhemispheric fissure or subarachnoid spaces, the cavity of the transparent septum - all of them do not matter if the baby is healthy and developing well.

In children of the first years of life, flat feet are physiological. The foot is formed up to 7 years. The child needs to walk barefoot on uneven surfaces and not wear uncomfortable hard shoes, noted Dr. Makarshina.

Many parents are concerned about walking on their toes for up to two years. This is a variant of the norm if the child descends and can walk on a full foot at the request of adults.

X-shaped legs in children under four years of age are not a cause for alarm if the deformation does not impair mobility and there are no complaints of pain in the legs during exercise.

There is no need to pay attention to the deformation of the gallbladder. Its shape can be different and change with age. The anatomical shape of something cannot be cured, the pediatrician emphasized.

Asymptomatic bacteriuria - bacteria in the urine with no other signs of a urinary tract infection - is only treated in pregnant women.

"If a child has bacteria in the urine and even if something was sown during the tank sowing, but there are no signs of urinary tract infection (fever, leukocytes, erythrocytes in the urine), this does not require treatment," the doctor said.

Antibodies to EBV, CMV, herpes simplex virus type 6 - immunoglobulins G - are memory antibodies. They indicate that the body has already met with the virus, and he remained in it forever.

Even if, as a result of this meeting, hypertrophy of the adenoids occurred, requiring treatment, this does not mean that the virus should be tried to be expelled. It's impossible. There are no drugs that can somehow affect the immune system in relation to these viruses.

There is no need to worry if a child has an elevated single ASLO test (antibodies to b-hemolytic streptococcus toxin). This suggests that the body has already met the bacteria. It is impossible to draw conclusions about the carriage of the infection and prescribe bicillin prophylaxis only on the basis of this analysis, warned Maria Makarshina.

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