What Diseases Can Be "caught" Through Kisses

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What Diseases Can Be "caught" Through Kisses
What Diseases Can Be "caught" Through Kisses

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Not every one of us thinks that during an ordinary kiss you can get infected or infect your partner. There are many such diseases, so you should be extremely careful, and this is especially true for casual contacts. Let's take a closer look at each of them and learn how to protect ourselves from such problems.

Infectious mononucleosis

Its causative agent is the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). As for its manifestation, it is a high temperature, which can reach 39-40 degrees. Unlike ordinary ARVI, this condition in humans in the overwhelming majority of cases is observed for about 10-14 days. The main symptoms in this case are also a stuffy nose, greatly enlarged lymph nodes. A common symptom of mononucleosis is abdominal pain. It is caused by an enlargement of the spleen and liver, while the skin of many EBV carriers turns very yellow, and the urine becomes dark in color.

If treatment is not started on time, serious consequences can arise. This can be a ruptured spleen, damage to the central nervous system, the appearance of pneumonia or even hepatitis. Most often, EBV is transmitted to people with weak immunity. Usually, small children (3-10 years old) suffer from mononucleosis, less often adults who have experienced severe stress or have struggled with another disease for a long time.

Peptic ulcer

Sometimes people do not even suspect that they have a peptic ulcer. Sometimes it proceeds without symptoms, but more often patients feel severe pain on the left under the ribs every time after a meal or after a certain time after a meal. The reason for this is the bacteria Helicobacterpilori, which is extremely difficult to get rid of. However, infection through a kiss is possible only in cases where you have a weakened immune system or dysbiosis. Otherwise, Helicobacter attacks will not lead to anything, so you should take care of strengthening the name system, which will maximally protect you from many problems.


The symptoms of this disease are the same as those of ARVI. High temperature, stuffy nose, sore throat, general weakness - all this is inherent in cytomegaly. However, even after taking antiviral drugs, the disease does not recede. This can last up to 45 days, which is a characteristic sign of such a disease.

Usually men, in addition to the above symptoms, do not experience discomfort. In women and girls, cytomegaly often causes inflammation of the cervix and vagina.


It is dangerous only when there are small rashes in the form of blisters on the lips. If they are absent, the likelihood of infection during a kiss is practically reduced to zero. According to doctors, 90% of the population has the herpes virus, but usually it does not make itself felt. It is better to refrain from kissing during its manifestation and start treatment immediately. Often, the virus recedes after 3-5 days. In case of untimely treatment, there is a likelihood of even death.

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