Steroids: What Tests Are Important Before, On And After The Course

Steroids: What Tests Are Important Before, On And After The Course
Steroids: What Tests Are Important Before, On And After The Course

Video: Steroids: What Tests Are Important Before, On And After The Course

Video: Steroids: What Tests Are Important Before, On And After The Course
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AAS course: what is it?


AAS are androgenic-anabolic steroids. Professional and novice athletes know that the elements bring both benefits and harm to the body. It all depends on how the drug is used, in what doses and how often. An unequivocal "no" to the use of steroids is said only in special cases. A person decides for himself whether he needs such help in training.

You can use AAS if:

A person has exhausted his own strength and reserves for muscle growth.

Stable hormonal background, the athlete is at least 21 years old.

Often, bodybuilders and bodybuilders resort to active use of steroids. They need it to develop strength, endurance and muscle mass. The effect is achieved by increasing the secretion of testosterone. The level of the sex hormone rises in the body. The athlete recovers faster after training, you can lift more weight and do frequent approaches. As a result, the number of classes increases, and the rest time is less.

All novice athletes need to be tested before and after a course of steroids. This is necessary for a health check, since not everyone can use the artificial hormone. After such a course, there are problems with the kidneys, liver, heart.

Analyzes before the course

Anabolic steroids are only approved for healthy athletes.

You can take tests from a therapist, family doctor, private laboratories and clinics. Before the start of use, the general condition of the person, the functioning of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, hormonal background are specified. Any deviation will be a contraindication.

The athlete needs to pass:

Blood test - inflammatory processes, bacteria, viruses, sluggish processes are determined.

Urine - kidney function is assessed.

Blood glucose - Excess sugar indicates diabetes.

Blood electrolytes - low levels are manifested in seizures.

Liver indicators - plasma protein, bilirubin, enzymes are examined.

Kidney tests - assess the level of creatine, uric acid, urea.

The analyzes before the course also include a study of the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure needs to be monitored. The hormonal background is also assessed. Anabolics are analogs of male hormones. On the basis of natural secretion, the optimal dose and duration of the course are calculated. It is necessary to determine the following hormones:





luteinizing and follicle-stimulating;




Additionally, it is worth examining the heart on an ECG, as well as doing an ultrasound of the abdominal organs.

Checking during the course

You should not stop monitoring your own body for a single day. It is necessary to compare the analyzes on the course with those that were done before. If the indicators remain stable or with minimal gain, then you can continue.

Additional diagnostics are needed to identify problems. While taking steroids, high blood pressure, dyspepsia, and gynecomastia can develop. To identify them, you need to take a general blood test for estradiol, hematocrit, aldosterone. Determine the indicator of bilirubin, amylase, liver enzymes, prolactin.

The list is not limited to just 3 problems. It can be continued, but the fact is that the examination is important for health. You need to undergo diagnostics with an endocrinologist.

Examination after the program

Each examination is carried out before and after the course. Against the background of these indicators, it is calculated how the body reacted to the presence of an artificial hormone. The consequences and side effects can be found. Also, these tests will tell you if it is possible to repeat courses.

Especially for beginners, after using the drug, you need to put hormones in order. During the course of the cycle, testosterone rose greatly, and after a few weeks it decreases. You need to concentrate on restoring natural secretion.

To draw all conclusions about the health of an athlete, you need to do the following analyzes:




Renal enzymes.


LDL and HDL.



If the program did not use complex and heavy drugs, then the first two criteria will be restored, like testosterone. You just need to understand how long it will take for this.

To lower estrogen, you need to add aromatase inhibitors for a few days. It is recommended to drink medicines to restore the liver. If the indicators of hormones and enzymes are overestimated, then the doctor prescribes restorative therapy. The ECG determines if there are heart problems.

After 3 months, additional tests are needed after the course. The athlete conducts OAK, OAM, a study of the level of testosterone, LH, estrogens, cortisol.

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Recommendations before taking tests

If you violate the fence technique, then the indicators will be inaccurate and distorted. The doctor will not be able to draw the correct conclusion based on the data. Experts give such advice on preparation before the fence:

Before donating blood, you need to be hungry, so hospitals are open in the morning. In private clinics, there is more time for the collection of tests. Blood should not be drawn earlier than 12 hours from the last meal or sugary drink.

Before collecting urine, you need to make a toilet of the external genital organs. The middle portion is collected in a sterile container.

You need to measure the pressure 3 times every 10-15 minutes. For the reliability of the data, check on two hands and calculate the average.

It is necessary to moderate physical activity over the past 2 days.

Eliminate stressful situations.

Regular examination before, during and after the course of steroids is a must. Preventive examinations allow you to prevent serious diseases and stop taking the drug immediately.