Why You Can't Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Why You Can't Brush Your Teeth After Eating
Why You Can't Brush Your Teeth After Eating

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We were taught from childhood that we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, and more recently it was believed that it is advisable to do this after each meal. Some are so addicted to this hygiene procedure that they carry a toothbrush with them and to work, using it after every cup of coffee or tea. In their opinion, frequent brushing of teeth contributes to their health and the elimination of bad breath. However, recent scientific studies have shown that this is not entirely true.


Scientists from the Academy of General Dentistry (USA) have done a lot of work, the result of which was a somewhat unexpected conclusion. It turns out that if you brush your teeth immediately after eating or for 20-30 minutes after that, the effect on them will be very far from beneficial.

Many products contain acid that can destroy tooth enamel, and with the help of the bristles of a toothbrush, this acid penetrates into the enamel faster and more actively destroys the tooth. The villi of the brush do more than just remove plaque from the teeth, they damage the protective coating.

Brushing actually pushes the acid into the interior of the tooth, accelerating its destructive effect on dentin. It is especially harmful to brush your teeth immediately after apples, coffee or carbonated drinks, since they increase the sensitivity of the enamel especially strongly, and mechanical friction further aggravates the situation.

If you brush your teeth constantly for half an hour after eating, the tooth enamel will begin to deteriorate much faster than during this procedure after a longer period. Experts advise taking your time and, if you really need to brush your teeth, wait at least 30 minutes.

Academy President Howard Hamble believes that people need to be clear about why they are brushing their teeth.

Most of us do it almost mechanically, just because "it is necessary", such an attitude was given in childhood by parents and kindergarten teachers. Many people brush their teeth after breakfast in order to go to work with fresh breath and a snow-white smile, and after snacks they repeat this procedure, believing that it is necessary to constantly remove bacteria from the surface of the teeth.

But do not forget that tooth enamel is able to reliably protect our teeth from bacteria, and from acid, and from other harmful factors. Frequent mechanical action on the enamel with a brush destroys it. As a result, one bacteria inside the tooth will do many times more harm than billions of them on the surface.

According to Hambel, you should brush your teeth no earlier than an hour after the meal. And in order to freshen your breath and remove acid and food debris from your teeth, you can immediately rinse your mouth with a special dental rinse or, if it is not at hand, with plain water.

As for the other recommendations of dentists, they remain the same: you need to brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning before breakfast and in the evening just before bedtime. In addition, some people insist on the mandatory use of dental floss.

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