Otolaryngologist Dispels Throat Treatment Myths

Otolaryngologist Dispels Throat Treatment Myths
Otolaryngologist Dispels Throat Treatment Myths

Video: Otolaryngologist Dispels Throat Treatment Myths

Video: ENT Doctors Debunk 11 Ear And Nose Myths | Debunked 2022, December

Numerous alternative treatments for sore throat are useless and often harmful. This was stated by the otolaryngologist, candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Zaitsev.

Gargling with hot beer has no pathogenetic meaning, that is, there is no therapeutic effect in this. This is about the same stupidity as lubricating the tonsils with kerosene, "Reedus quotes him.

Zaitsev added that folk methods of “steaming” the throat, for example, over hot potatoes, are also useless and even dangerous. If the surface of the nasopharynx is inflamed, then steam inhalation will increase the swelling of the mucous membrane. He also did not recommend dripping onion juice on the tonsils, as this will leave scars.

However, not all folk remedies are bad. An alcohol compress increases blood flow to the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall, to the tonsils, to the lymphatic system through the jaw lymph nodes. Only you need to put it in the first two days of the illness or at the end of the illness. Mustard plasters also work.

Earlier, Alexander Myasnikov said that for better sleep in the evening, you need to eat bananas, honey and cheese. The sleep hormone melatonin is produced by the tryptophan in these foods, he said. He listed foods that contain tryptophan. These are bananas, tomatoes, honey, eggs, olive oil, almonds, cheese, cherries and broccoli. At the same time, Myasnikov emphasized that the use of gadgets four hours before bedtime dramatically reduces the production of the sleep hormone, NEWS.ru wrote.

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