"The Heaviest Bride In Russia" Lost 45 Kg. What Have You Achieved?

"The Heaviest Bride In Russia" Lost 45 Kg. What Have You Achieved?
"The Heaviest Bride In Russia" Lost 45 Kg. What Have You Achieved?

Video: "The Heaviest Bride In Russia" Lost 45 Kg. What Have You Achieved?

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Volgograd resident Natalya Rudenko recently underwent stomach reduction surgery. Thanks to this, the woman managed to lose weight from 270 to 225 kg, and also greatly changed her eating habits.


Now Natalia, who is often called “the hardest bride in Russia”, lives quietly without mayonnaise and “fool buns”. But a woman is still far from the weight of a dream. How she achieves her goal and what difficulties she encounters on her way, you can read below.

The public learned the story of Natalia Rudenko in 2018. Then she first appeared on television in the show "Actually", where she invited her future spouse to the polygraph. The woman wanted to know if he really made her a love proposal, or if the man had selfish intentions.

Where did the doubts about the sincerity of the lover's feelings come from? This is due to the overweight of a woman and the complexes associated with it. And now we are not talking about a few kilograms, a fold on the stomach and cellulite, which so excite all beautiful ladies. After a hormonal disruption due to a miscarriage and a violation of the diet, Natalya recovered to 160 kg. And when the nurse told her: "We need to eat less!", And did go all the way, so much so that she gained another 110 kg of excess weight.

In the fall of 2018, the woman announced her desire to lose weight. Natalia gave up her usual food, including mayonnaise and her favorite rolls, and began to eat healthier foods. Also, the woman went through an operation to reduce the stomach, making it now even easier for her to stick to the diet. However, as you know, losing weight never goes smoothly. Natalia sometimes also has "breakdowns":

“Once I craved fried chicken madly. I took a piece, chewed it, reached for the second one and immediately said to myself: “Stop. You are strictly prohibited from mayonnaise ".

Following all the recommendations of doctors, Natalia managed to lose more than 40 kilograms. Now she weighs 225 kg, but she assures that sooner or later she will achieve her goal - to lose weight up to 200 kg. Let's wish her good luck!

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