How Japanese Designs Will Help Preserve Beauty

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How Japanese Designs Will Help Preserve Beauty
How Japanese Designs Will Help Preserve Beauty

Video: How Japanese Designs Will Help Preserve Beauty

Video: How Japanese Designs Will Help Preserve Beauty
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On the eve of the Mother's Day celebration - part of the large-scale project “Culture to live. Active Longevity ", timed to coincide with the cross year" Russia - Japan ", Ekaterina Dibrova - the leader of the RHAN corporation and academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences - told Rambler about biomedicine and why it is necessary to borrow Japanese developments in the field of beauty and longevity today.


Tell us about yourself, how did you find yourself in the world of medicine? Why did you decide to open your own business?

It all started with working at international congresses and specialized events. Since my husband and I were engaged in biomedicine, I knew its history of development in Russia well. And the fact that the placental direction in medicine originated in Russia and was then implemented by Japanese specialists became a discovery for me. Russian professor Vladimir Petrovich Filatov came to the conclusion that the use of the placenta promotes tissue regeneration and began to use the methods of "tissue therapy" in medical practice. Later, Japanese scientists brought this direction to a high level, and today bioplacental technologies are included in the state insurance medicine of Japan.

When I saw the bioplacental drug Laennek at one of the medical congresses in Japan, I realized that my task was to bring these innovative technologies to Russia. For five years, I was engaged in the registration of the drug in our state structures. In fact, the RHAN corporation returned the drug to its historical homeland. And now, for almost two decades, this pharmaceutical product has been used in medical practice in Russia and in the CIS countries.

Today the RHAN corporation is seriously engaged in research work together with specialized Russian institutes and foreign partners, the world's leading experts in the field of anti-aging. For almost two decades, we have been actively working with leading Russian institutes on the topic "The effect of bioplacental drugs on aging and body restoration", and we are also part of the "Biomedicine" section at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Not all people know about biomedicine. How widespread is this area in Russia? Is this a promising direction in Russian healthcare?

Biomedicine is not only concerned with the general theory and research of the human body. Its task is to study human diseases at the molecular level, and not at the cellular level, as in traditional medicine. The most famous direction in biomedicine is the stable registered effective Japanese-made placental drugs, which have been included in the insurance medicine of Japan for more than 60 years. Induced stem cell therapy has also emerged. While this is the treatment of nerve tissues, fractures, severe eye diseases, but this therapy is the future.

The Japanese call bioplacental preparations "milk for the cell." And indeed it is. They have everything you need for cell regeneration and for the restoration of its functions. From a certain age, the regenerative capabilities of the human body decrease. And then bioplacental preparations help. Russian and Japanese clinical practices have proven their effectiveness, both preventive and curative. For a long and high-quality life, the use of such drugs is extremely necessary, especially since they have no contraindications and are absolutely safe, which is very important for the patient. The entire southeast of the planet classifies biological products as classical traditional medicine. But in Europe

their use is still considered alternative medicine. This is a very promising and useful direction, and my task, which is also the mission of the RHANA corporation, is to make it clear: biomedicine can be brought to standards, it can be controlled, regulated and applied in medical prescriptions. But for this it is necessary to improve legislation, to adopt new rules and decisions on the part of pharmaceutical committees, ethics committees, and other public and state structures. It is unreasonable to deny new technologies based on the traditional / non-traditional link. I would like to change this stereotype not only on the territory of our country, but also on the planet as a whole. This is my goal and the plans of my company - to introduce new standards in technologies for treating people and make placental biomedicine available to Russians.

How does biomedicine affect the body?

The modern level of advances in biomedical technologies in Japan allows already now in clinical practice to solve many problems associated with the state of human health and active longevity. This revolutionary breakthrough was achieved through the creation of a range of biocomponents that have shaped medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics. They are aimed at restoring the resource potential of the human body, the value of which determines our adaptive and defense mechanisms. We call this model the "natural longevity matrix."

As a result of using the drug, not only does the state of health improve, the efficiency and immunity increase, the person begins to cope with the daily load more easily. And at the same time it looks younger. And then the words that life after 40 is just beginning take on a new meaning!

At RHAN clinics, we use the most advanced non-surgical rejuvenation techniques, such as erbium laser, ultrasonic SMAS lifting, plasma therapy, mesothreads and much more. Combined with an exclusive Japanese placental therapy, these techniques give amazing results. The use of placenta-based drugs not only rejuvenates, but also accelerates rehabilitation after hardware procedures, invasive manipulations and chemical peels. The drug "Laennek" has shown its effectiveness in correcting liver pathology, failures in the immune system, in reproductive medicine, preparing for IVF, relieving chronic fatigue syndrome, improving overall health.

Active longevity. What is needed for that?

In the modern world, people lead an active lifestyle, so the body needs support. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, adherence to a drinking regime, sports exercises, fortunately, the latest placental biotechnologies have already come to medicine, which can increase the body's endurance, increase immunity, prolong youth and improve the quality of life.

Biotechnology of the future is perhaps the most important news trend of our time. We are not standing still, we are moving forward together with innovative biotechnology. The natural aging process shouldn't scare you, it takes effort to stay fit.

And one more very important point is consciousness. Purity of consciousness, good thoughts, love for oneself and for the whole world are the basis of human longevity.

Beauty forecast: what trends will become the most relevant in the next 5 years (what to watch for and what to buy)?

There are several trends that will gain popularity over the next five years.

Achieving porcelain skin, combating stress-related aging and combining natural and high-tech components.

Within the framework of these trends, I would recommend Japanese placental cosmetics, due to which skin renewal occurs at the cellular level. For example, lifting and moisturizing patches for skin regeneration. They are specially designed to restore the delicate skin around the eyes, nasolabial folds and the area around the lips, where the signs of aging appear early and are especially noticeable. The biologically active substances of the placenta, hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen together provide an anti-aging effect and prevent dryness and loss of skin tone.

The effect of porcelain clarity and transparency is given by the diamond serum of the LNC line of the GHC Placental Cosmetic brand. This product, preventing the production of melanin, returns the skin to an even healthy tone, creates the effect of porcelain purity and transparency of the skin. It also activates the production of collagen fibers, improves firmness, elasticity and density of the skin.

Being the president of such a large network of clinics is incredibly difficult. Tell us how you keep yourself in good shape, what helps you and what inspires you?

This is where Laennek therapy helps me. My philosophy is a holistic, fundamental approach to health. Everything is designed not for a short-term external result, but for efficiency for a long state of active health.

You are right, the schedule is not just tight now, it is packed 3-4 weeks ahead. We are actively developing in Moscow and in the regions. I often visit clinics, our patients become friends, I combine business processes with pleasant communication. In the office, everything is scheduled by the minute - business calls, meetings, working meetings with suppliers and partners. I definitely find time for a small vacation with my family and with renewed vigor - to work!

2018 was declared the cross year of Japan and Russia. The project "Culture to live. Active longevity", which is organized by your corporation, takes an active part in the program of the year and is gaining momentum more and more. Ahead is the Great St. Petersburg Forum and a round table "Innovations in the field of medical business" has been announced, tell us in more detail what is planned, what will the conversation be about?

The project “Culture to live. Active Longevity”is a series of cultural and scientific events. The next major event will be the International Economic Forum, which will take place on May 24 and 25 in St. Petersburg. We have invited high-level representatives of Russia and Japan, the largest scientists of the two countries, who are engaged in

biotechnology, as well as businessmen and heads of public organizations in the field of medicine and health care. The event is scheduled to include speeches by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatyana Moskalkova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Research at ANO Research Medical Center Gerontology Andrey Ilnitsky, Advisor to the General Director of the Skolkovo International Medical Cluster Foundation “Innovative Projects Russia - Japan Vlada Saifetdinova and many others. The forum will discuss issues of how to achieve active longevity and the latest Russian and Japanese scientific developments in this area and their implementation in practice. Business, scientific, medical and health officials will have new opportunities to share their experience in this area with their Japanese counterparts. Such an exchange is absolutely necessary so that both Russians and Japanese can live not only longer, but also better.

Why do you think Russians might be interested in Japanese culture? What about Japanese medicine? We know that the Japanese are a land of long-livers. Will Russians also be able to live to be a hundred years old?

The life expectancy of the Japanese is the highest in the world. The age of about 68 thousand Japanese has exceeded 100 years!

The Japanese have such a quality as a reverent attitude towards themselves and their country.. Thrift, boundless respect for the environment and for each other, calmness, love for everything around them - this is their philosophy, it absolutely definitely affects active longevity. You know, Hiroyuki Tagawa, a famous Hollywood actor of Japanese origin, an ambassador of the RHANA corporation, this year he will turn 68 years old, but he is actively starring in new films. In Russia, the actor is known for the films "Rescuers Malibu", "Pearl Harbor", "Planet of the Apes" and others. In 2015, he played the main role in the Russian film "Priest-san. Confession of a Samurai ". Soon a video interview with the actor will be released on the website of our project, there will be a lot of useful information, just about active longevity and the purity of consciousness.

We are in many ways different from each other and we have different experiences, but we are united by one desire - to live long and efficiently. And the more important it is for us today to unite and cooperate in this direction. A vivid example of such cooperation is bioplacental technologies, which have deep roots in our country, were developed in Japan, and now serve all of humanity.