TOP 3 Cheap Medicines For Longevity

TOP 3 Cheap Medicines For Longevity
TOP 3 Cheap Medicines For Longevity

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Experts of Elena Malysheva's “Living Healthy” program are convinced that some medications can be used as an elixir of youth. Thanks to them, you can live up to 120 years. Moreover, the use of these drugs will not breach the budget, since their cost starts at just 10 rubles. The main thing is not to harm the body. Therefore, before combating aging in this way, you should consult your doctor.

The following medications will help maintain a healthy body: Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). Its cost starts from 10 rubles per standard. It is a mild pain reliever that thin the blood. Regular intake of the drug prevents the formation of blood clots and, as a result, blockage of blood vessels. And this medication also prevents the appearance of neoplasms. According to statistics, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and taking aspirin are 20 - 40% less susceptible to oncology.

True, it should be borne in mind: the use of aspirin can negatively affect the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, patients with gastrointestinal diseases are better off not taking risks.

Metformin. Its price ranges from 125 to 200 rubles per pack. This drug helps not only in the fight against diabetes. Quite by chance, scientists learned that under the influence of the drug, our body begins to produce an enzyme that blocks cell death. That is, they live longer under the influence of metformin.

Statins. Their cost starts from 350 rubles. These medications lower blood cholesterol levels and get rid of plaque cholesterol. And they also have a positive effect on our DNA - the components of the drug increase the length of telomeres, that is, the vital supply of cells. And the body is in good shape longer.

Please note: Statins are not absolutely safe medicine, therefore it is not advisable to use them only for the prevention of aging. But if your doctor has prescribed lipid-lowering drugs for you, rejoice - taking these medications will help prolong life.

For reference: As an elixir of youth, you can also use: melatonin (sleep hormone), rapamycin (prevents organ rejection during transplantation), enalapril (normalizes blood pressure), acetylcysteine ​​(relieves coughing), as well as vitamins C and D. But only after a conversation with a doctor!

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