Needle Powder As A Natural Antioxidant For Broilers

Needle Powder As A Natural Antioxidant For Broilers
Needle Powder As A Natural Antioxidant For Broilers

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A lot of research has been done to alter the nutrient profile of poultry meat, especially the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, one of the main problems faced by this modification involves "lipid oxidation" as the increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids in meat makes it more prone to oxidative breakdown.


Today, the use of herbal supplements in animal diets has become very popular and scientists are focusing on natural feed additives.

In Turkey, since ancient times, the plant Pinus brutia, commonly known as the Turkish red pine, has been used in human medicine as a powerful immunostimulating agent.

A new study by Turkish scientists suggests that adding Turkish pine needle powder to broiler feed increases the antioxidant capacity of chickens without affecting performance.

In this study, 210 one-day-old Ross-308 broilers were divided into 5 experimental groups. Broilers were fed a basic diet supplemented with 0% (control), 0.25% (1), 0.50% (2), 0.75% (3) and 1% (4) needles powder.

During the 42-day feeding period, there were no significant differences between treatment groups in body weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion rate; however, carcass quality improved linearly with the addition of needle powder.

Scientists have recorded levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), which serves as a marker for fat peroxidation and oxidative stress, in breast meat samples taken at different intervals.

Obvious results were observed on day 10 when the samples from group 2 showed a significant reduction in breast MD levels compared to the control group.

Liver tissue MD levels also decreased linearly with increasing amounts of needles powder supplementation.

In addition, the general oxidative status of blood serum tended to decrease with the addition of pine powder.

The results indicate that the addition of pine needle powder may be a viable option as a natural antioxidant in broiler diets to improve the antioxidant status of animals and the oxidative stability of meat.

However, more research is needed to further investigate the various antioxidant systems in birds and determine the maximum dose of coniferous supplements without toxic effects.

(Source: Posted by Natalie Berhout. Photo: Utsman Media).

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