How To Cope With Spring Depression?

How To Cope With Spring Depression?
How To Cope With Spring Depression?

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It seems that spring has come, but I cannot get rid of the feeling of chronic fatigue and lethargy. How to deal with depression?

“The feeling of chronic fatigue is dangerous. It depletes the mental, immune, endocrine systems of the body, - explains physiotherapist Alexander Efremov. - Depression can be overcome. Go to bed no later than 23.00. Eat lean foods and more vegetables and fruits. Drink oxygen cocktails and mineral water. During your lunch break at work, go outside to breathe rather than smoke. Walk around the office building. Use sunny weather, go outside. Scandinavian walking helps to cope well with lethargy and fatigue. Instead of a gym, it is better to train on the street - now in almost every yard there are grounds equipped with exercise machines.

Relieve symptoms of fatigue in a bath with sea salt or pine concentrate. Take them every other day for a month. A contrast shower will refresh you too. Use air ionizers. Ionization helps to overcome overwork, depression, neurosis. Toxic substances are removed from the body, metabolism and the general condition of the body improve. Light aroma candles and aroma lamps with essential oils of lemon, chamomile, fragrant geranium. This is not only useful, but also beautiful - bright colors are pleasing to the eye. I do not recommend a solarium. This is not a medical procedure. There, as a rule, the dose of taking ultraviolet radiation is violated. Physiotherapy rooms offer a course of laser blood irradiation, ozone therapy and darsonvalization of the head and collar zone."

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