European Countries One By One Declare Themselves "red Zones"

European Countries One By One Declare Themselves "red Zones"
European Countries One By One Declare Themselves "red Zones"

Video: European Countries One By One Declare Themselves "red Zones"

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Third lockdown in Austria. Covid will put the residents of this country under house arrest. On December 26, they are forbidden to go outside. Exceptions are grocery shopping and emergencies. The tightening was announced by the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, according to the MIR 24 TV channel.

“We are already witnessing a rapid increase in the number of infected people in other countries. In Austria, the indicators are stable, but we are not on an island, and we have a lot of people traveling to neighboring states. We must be prepared for the risk of a sharp increase in the number of cases at any time,”said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Restaurants, hotels, cinemas and concert halls will not open. Also, a 10-day quarantine for all visitors comes into force in the country. At the end of December, mass vaccination against coronavirus will begin in Austria, followed by mass testing. People who test negative will have more freedom of movement.

Italy has declared itself a red zone. A nationwide quarantine is imposed at Christmas. From December 24 to January 6, citizens will be banned from leaving home unnecessarily. It is also prohibited to move from region to region. All shops except grocery stores will be closed. Hairdressers will remain open, and catering establishments will operate in delivery or take-out mode. The number of guests is also limited by the principle of not gathering more than three.

“This is a difficult decision, painful. But it is necessary to strengthen the regime of measures on the eve of the holidays, as well as to take care of their safety,”said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The government's decision did not arouse enthusiasm among the citizens of Italy. Protests began in Rome. Students and workers walked along the city streets with posters and banners. They burned flares and chanted anti-government slogans. The police were forced to use force.

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic contracted the coronavirus a week after the EU summit. The politician announced this on his Facebook page. Last week, Matovic participated in the EU summit in Brussels, along with French President Emmanuel Macron, who had also previously been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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