7 Main Rules Of Longevity Declassified

7 Main Rules Of Longevity Declassified
7 Main Rules Of Longevity Declassified

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The magic pill for immortality has not yet been invented. However, doctors pay a lot of attention to prolonging an active and healthy life. They talked about seven main rules that must be followed in order to get closer to longevity.

Experts note that it is important to move a lot at any age. You should devote at least 150 minutes to any kind of sports weekly. At the same time, strength exercises are required twice a week, at least 15 minutes, in a fitness club or at home.

Medical examination, mandatory in Soviet times, is actually necessary, but not in such a formal form as it was customary, experts say. Every person who wants to improve health and prolong life must take care of themselves on their own, and for this, regularly undergo medical examinations.

Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. But only a few are capable of not using them at all, experts say. According to them, it is necessary to quit smoking, but alcohol does not have to be completely excluded, since its moderate consumption - no more than one glass of dry red wine a day - can be useful in terms of preventing atherosclerosis.

Self-medication is a common but very dangerous phenomenon that can significantly shorten life. Doctors advise to consult a professional if necessary.

For a happy and long life, many experts recommend living in harmony with yourself and your loved ones. They urge you not to waste time and energy trying to change the habits and character of other people. Rest is still an important part of life, it is really necessary for active longevity.

It is also important to remember about proper nutrition. Lack of fruits, vegetables and fiber, an excess of meat, an abundance of carbohydrates can lead to serious illness and shorten life. Experts recommend eating 400 grams of yellow, green, red and blue crispy foods every day - they contain fiber and a complex of essential vitamins. Such products also contribute to the prevention of bowel cancer, atherosclerosis and obesity, writes Life-hacking.

Previously "ageless" 99-year-old actress revealed the secret of longevity. Betty White was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park. She has always been known as an animal protector and dreamed of becoming a forester, but at that time the career of a forester was not available to women. When White was 88 years old, the US Forest Service appointed her an honorary forester.

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