Omsk Pharmacies Will Soon Be Supplied With Drugs Of Mass Demand

Omsk Pharmacies Will Soon Be Supplied With Drugs Of Mass Demand
Omsk Pharmacies Will Soon Be Supplied With Drugs Of Mass Demand

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Very soon, drugs for the treatment of seasonal diseases will be delivered to large pharmacy chains in Omsk. In addition, medicines for the treatment of COVID-19, which can be used in the outpatient setting, are also a priority.


This decision was made at a meeting, which was organized on behalf of the governor of the region. It was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Omsk Region Vladimir Kupriyanov, representatives of the Regional Ministry of Health, Roszdravnadzor in the region and the heads and representatives of all large pharmacy chains in the city. Among the latter are Omsk Medicines, AS Semeynaya, Nizkotsen (Pharmacy 55+), Pharmacopeyka, Pharmacy for you, Tender JSC (Magnit pharmacies).

Health Minister Irina Soldatova stressed the importance of the availability of such drugs as "Hydroxychloroquine", "Umifenovir", "Favipiravira" in pharmacies.

It should be noted that the meeting also discussed the issue of the adequate cost of drugs. However, with a large order, the price for a piece goods will be more affordable. Vladimir Kupriyanov stressed that the government's task is to look for lucrative offers so as not to overstate the prices of goods that are in special demand.

The government is ready to go into close contact with representatives of pharmacies. He suggested weekly informing the authorities about the shortage and abundance of certain goods in demand at the moment.

“The Ministry of Health is ready to assist in reaching suppliers who can provide certain drugs. However, I would like to be informed on a weekly basis which drugs in your network are in short supply and which are in abundance. This will allow you to manually manage the situation, to orient people who cannot purchase this or that drug,”said Vladimir Kupriyanov. - Regardless of the form of ownership of the pharmacy chain, medicines should be available to Omsk residents. And not only in the city, but also in the districts,”said Kupriyanov.

The issue of tracking the dispensing of prescription drugs was also raised. Anastasia Kovaleva, representative of Family Pharmacy, noted that people are buying medicines for future use. As once buckwheat. This creates a shortage of not only over-the-counter drugs, but also drugs that are sold by prescription. But nevertheless, artificial shortages can only be brought down by a sufficient amount of the necessary drugs.

Today, large pharmacy chains will draw up an application for the missing drugs. In this way, the government will be able to make a centralized application for the purchase of the necessary drugs. Such an application will reduce the time required to receive a single order for all pharmacy chains.

A large batch of medical products will be dispatched to the Omsk Region tomorrow.

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