Rest In Joy: Doctor's Advice On How To Survive In The Heat

Rest In Joy: Doctor's Advice On How To Survive In The Heat
Rest In Joy: Doctor's Advice On How To Survive In The Heat

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SIMFEROPOL, May 14 - RIA Novosti Crimea. Heat can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular diseases, blood diseases, as well as those in remission for cancer. In addition, high solar activity is harmful to people with fair skin, light eyes and hair. Vera Pavlova, a specialist at the Center for Medical Prevention of the Republic of Crimea, spoke about this on the air of Sputnik in Crimea radio. However, excessive sun exposure can be dangerous for those who are not at risk.

"Heat affects the tone of blood vessels, can provoke cancer in people who are predisposed to this, and affect the condition of the skin, up to burns. A large surface of even a first-degree burn, this condition of a" red man "has so-called systemic consequences. an organ that has many functions, and when it is affected, the whole organism suffers, "she stressed.

In hot weather, the expert recommends reducing the time spent in the sun, wearing hats and loose-fitting clothes made from natural fabrics. Shoes should be comfortable, and the height of the heel should be reduced. Special recommendations, according to the expert, must be followed by tourists who have come to rest from the northern regions.

"You need to at least limit your access to the beach, take time in the first days of adaptation, walk in the morning and evening hours, be on the beach until 11 in the morning and after 17 in the evening, do not abuse alcohol and do not swim in the sea in this state," emphasizes expert.

The well-being of a person in hot weather is influenced not only by how he is dressed, but also by what he eats. In the heat, the expert advises to reduce the consumption of fats, especially animals, but at the same time not to abandon them completely, as well as to give preference to lean meats and increase the amount of fish.

"I want to emphasize that in summer it is not recommended to eat unprocessed products, salted and smoked meats. It is necessary to reduce the amount of products that have not undergone heat treatment, reduce the amount of protein food and replace it with vegetable food and fiber - cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs", - she advises.

At the same time, she added that people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should gradually switch to a new diet. Particular attention, according to Pavlova, must be given to the drinking regime.

"It is advisable to have a bottle of drinking water with you, not carbonated. As soon as a person feels that his mouth is dry, he takes one or two sips, rinses his mouth and swallows water. If you drink a lot of water at once, then it is, especially if water cold, does not have time to be absorbed in the amount that is necessary.If it is absorbed in such a large amount, then there is an increase in the liquid part of the blood, which is not very good.When a person gradually replenishes his reserves, the stability of the body is maintained, wild thirst does not occur, and a person feels good, "the doctor notes.

Those who drive transport should be especially careful about their condition on hot days, Pavlova says, and also follow simple recommendations.

"The temperature in the car should not be higher than + 22 degrees, the driver needs to have a supply of water. If the heat is intense, you need to park the car in the shade, cover it - there is a wide range of reflective blankets. Finally, if a person does not feel well, do not drive.. Otherwise, it can create an emergency situation in which other people may be injured, "she summed up.

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