Principles Of Fitness And General Health

Principles Of Fitness And General Health
Principles Of Fitness And General Health

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In order to successfully lose weight, gain muscle mass, or go for any other fitness goal, you need to follow general principles of health. The principles of fitness and health will be uniform and obligatory for every person who cares about the beauty and health of their body.


The first aspect of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition; any healthy diet should include adequate amounts of fiber and a range of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. To maintain a healthy body, he needs to be provided with certain proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as a certain calorie intake.

In the autumn-winter period, it is important to mention that you cannot train for the flu, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The defeat of the body by the virus and the increase in temperature have a negative effect on the muscles, one training session in case of illness can negate all previous efforts. The heart is also a muscle, the virus and the temperature increase the load assigned to it.

Overstrain of the heart muscle is deadly, so you can start training no earlier than 48 hours after the disease has completely disappeared.

It is also important to care for your heart that you complete each workout correctly, gradually reducing the intensity of activity. During exercise, all blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases, and the heart passes more blood through itself than at rest. In order to return to a quiet mode of operation, the cardiovascular system needs some time. If it stops abruptly, you may feel weak, dizzy, or even faint.

Smoking is inappropriate in the principles of a healthy lifestyle, in the principles of fitness it also has no place. When smoking, people deprive all organs and tissues of their body in the supply of oxygen, exercise can do more harm than good. The best way to quit smoking is to replace the habit with another that is appropriate for health principles. Often people replace cigarettes with sweets, then these same people say that they gained extra weight due to the fact that they quit smoking. Fitness will provide a ton of new healthy habits, each one more beneficial than smoking. For example, instead of spending five minutes in the smoking room, you can spend that time walking or doing other exercises.

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In order to build muscle mass, you need to get enough protein and carbohydrates. Protein provides muscles with amino acids for growth, and carbohydrates provide energy for active work and recovery. Most people do not understand the importance of carbohydrates and focus on proteins, which is why only a few can build muscle.

Any training program should include aerobic activity - running on the street or on the track, cycling, swimming, or any other cardio workout. Activities of this format help to increase blood flow to all tissues in the body, the body receives more nutrients and becomes healthier. In order not to get confused in the types of training, you need to keep a fitness diary and add loads of any format to it.

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