Cheat Sheet On Modern Methods Of Rejuvenation: What And When Is Best To Do In Order To Preserve Youth And Beauty

Cheat Sheet On Modern Methods Of Rejuvenation: What And When Is Best To Do In Order To Preserve Youth And Beauty
Cheat Sheet On Modern Methods Of Rejuvenation: What And When Is Best To Do In Order To Preserve Youth And Beauty

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Plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin - about which procedures are right for you personally, is it possible to talk about the "age limit" for some interventions, is there an alternative to surgical techniques

No matter how strange it may sound, age is not an indication for carrying out certain cosmetic procedures. Any manipulations are done in the presence of certain skin problems, and they often do not depend on age. After all, wrinkles can be fought at 25, 35, 45, and 65. Therefore, relying only on the criterion of age, cosmetic manipulations are usually not prescribed to patients. At the same time, of course, we can talk about the most common problems in different age categories and those ways that help get rid of these problems.

Age 20 - 30

The main problems in this age group are increased skin greasiness, acne in girls from 20-25. In the older category, the fair sex begins to face the manifestation of dry skin, thinning. Closer to 30, the skin begins to react to temperature changes, solar activity, wind, frost. From the age of 25, the first age signs begin to appear: mimic wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows, nasolabial wrinkles. A procedure such as plasmolifting or PRP therapy works well with skin greasiness. The essence of the procedure is the introduction of platelet-rich blood plasma into the dermis. Platelets contain a huge number of immune bodies, when they are introduced, local immunity improves, thereby reducing the severity of acne, normalizing the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which helps to regulate the sebum of the skin. Plasmolifting is also suitable for dry skin, as it does not dry it out, but normalizes the balance. This procedure is indicated for all skin types. Also, to combat the manifestations of acne, biorevitalization with preparations containing zinc, which is an antioxidant, is recommended. To minimize the appearance of mimic wrinkles, botulinum toxin can be used and dermal fillers can be used to correct nasolabial wrinkles.

Age 30 - 45

The problems faced by women in this age category can be described as fighting the first signs of skin aging. And if at the age of 30, cosmetological self-care is more aimed at preventing wrinkles, combating puffiness under the eyes, therefore such procedures as lymphatic drainage massage at least twice a year, manual massage, botulinum toxin injections into the area of ​​mimic wrinkles, biorevitalization for high-quality skin hydration are shown … Then, with the onset of 40+, you can think about switching to anti-aging cosmetics, and make a visit to the beautician regular. The most relevant are injection techniques that allow for a deep therapeutic effect on the skin, such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization and bioreparation. The main active ingredient in all three methods is hyaluronic acid - a substance that is produced by the body independently and participates in collagen synthesis. But over the years, the production of hyaluronic acid noticeably decreases, which leads to skin aging, loss of tone, and a decrease in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. To solve these problems, injection rejuvenation techniques are used. In addition to moisturizing, mesotherapy helps to solve other problems.Mesotherapy cocktails may contain, for example, lymphatic drainage components to combat puffiness or double chin, as well as whitening components that help to cope with hyperpigmentation - another problem that women face after 40. At this age, women begin to resort to contour plastics. using fillers or threads.

45 and older

Do not think that at this age, taking care of yourself means only surgery. Plastic surgery can change the shape of a particular part of the face, reduce, tighten, excise excess tissue, but it cannot change the quality of the skin, make it more youthful, radiant and beautiful, correct the general aging of the body, which directly affects the skin. Therefore, in 45+, it is important to correctly combine different methods of rejuvenation and competently approach various interventions. It should be borne in mind that minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation give an equally qualitative effect. We are talking about hardware techniques such as SMAS, microneedle radio wave lifting, thermolifting, laser skin resurfacing. These techniques not only give excellent results in rejuvenating and tightening the skin, but also represent in some cases an alternative to more complex surgical methods. At the same time, after these procedures, general anesthesia is not used, a rehabilitation period is not provided as such, patients do not drop out of society, quickly recover and return to their usual way of life.

Thermolifting, for example, uses radio frequency energy, which is then converted into heat energy by heating the skin, which in turn dehydrates collagen. Collagen dries out, thickens, which gives a lifting effect. The effect of the procedure is cumulative, since thermofilling also stimulates the production of new collagen fibers.

With microneedle radio wave lifting, a controlled damage to the hypodermis occurs, which entails tissue compaction, regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, followed by lifting.

CO2 laser resurfacing works more superficially, but gives a powerful renewal of the skin, stimulation of collagen. During laser resurfacing, the skin regenerates not due to scarring, but due to the surrounding healthy tissues. As a result, we get the "photoshop" effect - smooth skin, narrowing of pores, reduced pigmentation, manifestations of rosacea.

With SMAS lifting, the main effect occurs on the muscular apovneurotic layer - the one that is the frame for our face. Precise heating of tissues, which ensures muscle tissue contraction during the procedure, is possible due to the action of ultrasonic waves. SMAS lifting is a unique procedure that presents alternatives

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