How To Heal Your Bedroom: 9 Tips From The Pros And More

How To Heal Your Bedroom: 9 Tips From The Pros And More
How To Heal Your Bedroom: 9 Tips From The Pros And More

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Sleep problems automatically lead to problems in all other areas of life. Fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, apathy - the consequences are endless. Meanwhile, the fact remains: healthy sleep is vital, and first of all, its quality depends on the place where we sleep.

Even if you do not suffer from insomnia, there is no limit to perfection, and you can always make the atmosphere of the bedroom even healthier. To do this, we have selected nine of the most useful ideas and consulted with a professional - designer Pavel Alekseev.

Buy a quality mattress

Let's start with the news: about every six years, the mattress needs to be changed. But even if you recently bought a new one, consider if it is good enough. In general, mattresses are of two types: innerspring and orthopedic. There are a lot of varieties of the first, the second - a little less, but in any case there is plenty to choose from.

Buy a mattress based on personal characteristics and preferences, and do not be lazy to spend some time on choosing the right model: it will pay off in the future. Get a good mattress topper, preferably with an anti-allergenic coating and two sides, for summer and winter.

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Pavel Alekseev, designer:

- The bedroom is the place where everything should be conducive to sleep, relaxation and, of course, a pleasant awakening. Mattresses are very important in this context. It is best to take orthopedic, with manual and electric lift, or massage models that take the shape of the body.

Find the right pillows

The second step to making your bedroom healthy is to have good pillows. Like a mattress, they must be tailored to suit all individual needs. Therefore, there are no strict recommendations here: someone loves thicker ones, someone likes downy ones, and someone prefers orthopedic ones. The main thing is that pillows should not be too soft, and during sleep you should not experience pain in your back or neck.

Clean regularly

Regular cleaning includes not only dusting and, for example, washing the floor, but also washing the mattress topper every six months, knocking out the carpet, changing the bed linen, and so on. And this is not just a formality: high-quality wet cleaning will save you from asthma or allergies and make your sleep healthier. To minimize the amount of dust in your room, get rid of unnecessary pillows, ottomans, blankets, and stuffed animals.

Make color work for you

In 2013, the Travelodge hotel chain conducted a study, during which the following interesting results were obtained: guests staying in rooms with a predominant blue color slept longer than those who got rooms decorated in bright colors - an average of 7 hours 52 minutes. The moral of this experiment is simple: for the bedroom it is better to choose calm colors and refuse too bright ones. Blue, green, gray, beige, white and any natural shades will do, but bright red or fuchsia is best left for interesting local details.

Pavel Alekseev, designer:

- Since we are getting ready for bed, sleeping and just relaxing in the bedroom, it should be as calm as possible and set up exclusively for relaxation. Therefore, in the interior of this room, I recommend avoiding bright and saturated colors or using them as accents. And if the neutral gamut is not to your liking at all, then it is better to choose muted, as if dusty, bright colors. To enhance the effect, a soft spotlight works well.

Lay on beautiful linen

Let's not forget about the aesthetic component: it is better to sleep where it is pleasant to be. That is why we recommend pampering yourself and choosing beautiful bedding. Give preference to sets made from natural fabrics and try to avoid too bright colors: after all, a delicate floral pattern on a light background makes you sleep a little more than a large abstract pattern of an acid color.

Hang the right curtains

Whatever one may say, our biological clock is closely related to sunlight, so its presence in the bedroom can negate any sleep. This problem is especially acute for those who work at night or often fly on airplanes. In order not to depend on the time of day, hang good blackout curtains in the room that do not let light through. It is best to choose not fabric curtains, but the so-called blackouts with one hundred percent light transmission.

Make the air cleaner

It is very important that there is suitable air in the bedroom: this concerns temperature, humidity and composition. Climate control systems, ionizers, air purifiers and humidifiers will help you achieve the desired effect. State-of-the-art systems boast many useful features such as infrared sensors, smart humidification or, for example, remote control of the air conditioner via Bluetooth.

Pavel Alekseev, designer:

- It is imperative to pay attention to invisible, but key details, namely: the air conditioning system, supply and exhaust system and air filtration. It is also advisable to provide the bedroom with ionization, especially since now all the necessary equipment is made as invisible as possible: for example, air humidifiers can be in the form of floor lamps, vases or art objects.

Use scents

Each house has its own unique scent. The same is true for rooms. Smell is one of the main human senses, so it cannot be ignored. Do you have a favorite scent? Bring a piece of it into your bedroom. Scented candles, fresh flowers, sachets and incense sticks will help you with this. But be careful not to overdo it: from too concentrated and heavy odors, you will not get pleasure, but a headache. And so that the natural smell of the bedroom is always fresh and pleasant, ventilate it daily.

Put plants

Last but not least, advice for those looking to make the bedroom atmosphere healthier and more relaxing: revitalize it. Literally, living plants will help you with this. They not only purify the air, but also add coziness to the atmosphere, make us closer to nature. If you don't have time to take care of flowers or there is not enough light in the room, choose unpretentious plants like cactus or bamboo.

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