5 Taboos Before, During And After Sunburn That Will Ruin Your Skin

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5 Taboos Before, During And After Sunburn That Will Ruin Your Skin
5 Taboos Before, During And After Sunburn That Will Ruin Your Skin

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Of course, everyone already knows about the dangers of sunburn. But, be that as it may, few people resist the temptation to substitute a barrel or two under warm rays, so that the skin acquires a beautiful color.

If you are one of those, we strongly advise you to read our safety instructions, where we have compiled a list of prohibitions for sunbathers.

1. Tanning without preparation

If you surrender yourself to the sun spontaneously, without preparing your skin in advance, there is a risk of getting an uneven and not very beautiful tan. Therefore, since you are taking such a step, do everything according to your mind. For a day or two (but not earlier!), Peel with a body scrub: deeply cleansed skin will tan faster and smoother. Moreover, after sunbathing, this will not be possible for about a week. And also check if your products contain retinol, tanning is contraindicated with it!

2. Protection factor less than 30

Even if you are naturally dark and "never burn out", even if you plan to sunbathe in a vegetable garden somewhere near Yakutsk, even if there are clouds and you are going to lie in the shade, never expose your unprotected skin to the sun! And yes, we are now talking about products with SPF 30 or more, and those below 30 are officially removed from the list of sunscreens in principle. The skin under these creams will tan anyway (delicately, just as it is now fashionable). But your melanocytes will not go into hysterics. And a friendly advice to you: hide your face - put on a hat or cap.

3. Using sunscreen outdoors

SPF products must be applied before going outside. If you start to smear your body directly under the pouring ultraviolet light, the result will be weak. You will have time to receive an unhealthy dose of radiation, and the owners of the lightest phototype - even a sunburn.

4. Saving cream

Whatever your protective agent, do not flatter yourself: its effect is limited to two hours, no more. Do not have time - turn into a pumpkin. Baked. There is still a myth on the net that the time depends on the SPF factor. Allegedly, it should be multiplied by 4 and you get the number of minutes that you can sunbathe without renewing the cream. Nonsense! You only have two hours, that with SPF 30, that with SPF 50. After that, either go to the shelter, or smear again. Well, remember about the time when the sun is the most merciless: from 11:00 to 16:00 you cannot sunbathe at all.

5. Refusal to leave after sunburn

The sun will dry out your skin and may even peel off. What a pleasure! Therefore, the skin needs shock hydration. Special creams and emulsions after sunburn work well with it, as well as those that contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe, chamomile and others. And most importantly, if peeling still manifests itself, in no case do not scrub the skin. And exclude for a while acidic care products.

And in conclusion, let us allow ourselves one piece of advice: in order for the tan to appear faster and to be uniform, it is better not to lie in a zucchini, but to be active: go in for sports, play volleyball, badminton or ennoble your personal plot!

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