Which Men Do Not Feel Sex Drive

Which Men Do Not Feel Sex Drive
Which Men Do Not Feel Sex Drive

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Many people believe that only women can suffer from frigidity. Meanwhile, a similar problem - alibidemia - occurs in the stronger sex. It is about the lack of sexual desire in men.


Causes of male frigidity

Very rarely, male frigidity is genetically determined. Most often, the reasons for its occurrence are as follows.

Health problems. Attraction can disappear with diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, urological ailments and, finally, alcoholism. This is due to endocrinological disorders. Mental disorders - depression, schizophrenia - can also cause frigidity. After all, sexual desire comes from the brain.

Age. With age, the body wears out, and sex drive also decreases. At 50, few men are willing to have sex as often as at 25.

Nervous tension. Our life is full of stress, and this also affects the mechanisms of sex drive. By the way, stress also negatively affects potency.

Weak sexual performance. It happens that a man is simply not a sex giant by nature and rarely experiences attraction.

Psychological attitudes. Such a man is said to have "sexual complexes". “A man marries a woman whom he subconsciously perceives as a mother,” writes Menninger. - As a child, his own mother suppressed the boy's libido in every possible way, and, having matured, he could not overcome the attitudes that limited the free manifestation of his sexual instincts. Regardless of conscious fears, many people experience a subconscious fear of punishment, which manifests itself in moments when the ego perceives the situation as critical. The subconscious associates pleasure with danger and pain; it is perceived as something forbidden and therefore a punishment by definition."

Modern Western experts have conducted a survey among men who are married but not sexually active to find out the reasons for this. It turned out that 68% of the respondents refused to have sex because their wives were indifferent to sex and this process did not bring them pleasure. 48% said they did not have the strength to have sex or were absorbed in financial problems. 44% - that their wives have a bad character and this led to the fact that they stopped experiencing the craving for lovemaking. 38% reported that they were no longer attracted to wives. 2% - that they prefer watching adult films to real sexual intercourse.

How is male frigidity treated?

In most cases, the situation is fixable. The main thing is to find out the cause of sexual coldness. Various specialists will help with this - doctors, psychologists, sex therapists.

“Sometimes (very rarely),” states Karl Menninger, “the reason lies in structural,“organic”pathologies; repeated and (in my opinion) unreasonable operations; drug effects on the endocrine system. Sometimes the above-mentioned deviations are amenable to therapeutic treatment."

In each individual case, various means will be effective. It can be both special preparations, vitamins and phytostimulants (such as lemongrass and eleutherococcus), and an appropriate diet. So, in the male diet, nuts, dairy and meat products, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits must be present. Sometimes vacuum massage, sports, yoga and other types of physical activity help well. If the problem is caused by stress, rest or a change of scenery will help. A psychologist or sexologist may also advise a man to refresh his relationship with a regular partner - for example, try something new.

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