Veganism: Weighing The Pros And Cons

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Veganism: Weighing The Pros And Cons
Veganism: Weighing The Pros And Cons

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Violent debate about the benefits of veganism continues to this day: so today we decided to understand all the pros and cons of veganism - fashion, a special diet and a whole philosophy of life in one bottle.


Veganism is more than just a fashion or special diet. This is a whole life philosophy built on many aspects. The face of veganism is changeable: some refuse all animal products for ethical reasons, some emphasize the environmental and even economic benefits of avoiding meat, and some simply try to eat right. The controversy about the benefits of veganism continues to this day. So today we decided to understand all the pros and cons of the strictest form of vegetarianism and tell you how this diet can affect your life.

Benefits of Veganism

Organic products

Veganism sooner or later leads all its adherents to a diet composed exclusively of natural and organic products. And the point here is not only in the ethics of the methods of production of a particular product on the shelf in the grocery store (although, of course, in it too): refusing food of animal origin, vegans at the same time refuse from GMO components, from various additives that stimulate growth animals, as well as from other food additives that unscrupulous manufacturers add to their products in order to obtain benefits.

Attention to your health

Vegans know absolutely everything about proper and healthy eating, because their lifestyle literally involves the continuous expansion of culinary knowledge, rejection of a hectic diet and strict control of their diet. Due to the strictness of the diet, vegans know very well what a balanced and varied diet is, and this is a direct way to prevent such dangerous ailments as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even some types of cancer. After all, vegans are unique people who will always be ready to tell you any information about nutritional value and composition of foods, about all additives in the world and other aspects of nutrition that are important to health.

Real lightness

A green diet is the foundation of any detox diet. Only if a short-term detox is just a way to quickly and gently rid the body of toxins and toxins, veganism is a constant, complete cleansing of the body and real care for your health and your body. It has been proven that plant foods are digested faster than animals. Our body spends much less energy digesting "green" food, which, of course, has a positive effect on the well-being of vegans. A jump in performance, increased activity and a fantastic feeling of lightness are the very first "symptoms" that become companions of a person who decides to become a vegan.

Disadvantages of veganism

Diet is not for everyone

In matters of nutrition, it is important not to be fanatical: no matter what anyone says, but veganism is not for everyone. Of course, there are those who are obliged to be vegan for medical reasons: among such people there are many celebrities - for example, the titled tennis player Venus Williams.

But people with fragile or problem health - it can be children whose body has not yet formed, or pregnant women - before switching to the "green" regime, we strongly recommend consulting a dietitian to avoid serious health problems.

Complex substitutions

Continuing the conversation about who is still suitable for veganism, you need to explain why this seemingly harsh diet is so dangerous for beginners.Whereas in the past you could easily get iron, protein, calcium, fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D from animal products, now you have to turn your imagination and work hard to find alternatives and create a balanced, healthy diet. Vegans must think carefully about their diet, experiment a lot and, as a result, spend time in the kitchen, take vitamins and the necessary supplements to stay in good shape. Think, are you ready to take on such a responsibility and devote many times more time to nutrition than now?

Vitamin deficiency

Unfortunately, in our cold country, being a vegan is not so easy: sun deficiency and an underdeveloped culture of "green" food work against the supporters of this diet, depriving them of many essential vitamins.

Yes, plant food contains absolutely all the trace elements and vitamins that our body needs, but a titanic work will have to be done in order not to deprive ourselves of any of the most important elements for health. The main subject of controversy is vitamin B12, the lack of which leads to diseases of the blood and nervous system. You will hardly find it in plant foods, and there is still fierce debate in the scientific world as to whether vegans can get enough of it.

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