Doctors Told How To Spend New Year's Holidays Without Harm To Health

Doctors Told How To Spend New Year's Holidays Without Harm To Health
Doctors Told How To Spend New Year's Holidays Without Harm To Health

Video: Doctors Told How To Spend New Year's Holidays Without Harm To Health

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MOSCOW, January 2 - RIA Novosti. Moderation at the New Year's table, a reasonable amount of alcohol, an attentive attitude to one's health and dosed physical activity will allow to spend the New Year holidays without harm to the cardiovascular system, cardiologists interviewed by RIA Novosti told RIA Novosti.


This year, the New Year holidays in Russia will last until January 8, 2018.

At the festive table

"First of all, you need to avoid overeating, because it is always harmful, and not only for the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which are damaged by strong overeating. They destroy other organs and systems, including the heart and blood vessels. According to statistics on New Year's vacations, the number of calls to emergency doctors and emergency rooms in some regions of the country increases 3-5 times, "- said cardiologist Vladimir Khoroshev.

According to him, in no case should you sit down at the festive table with a feeling of severe hunger, in general it is better not to work up your appetite on purpose.

"If you are very hungry, taking into account the fact that you still drink, control over yourself is lost. Food taken in a state of such hunger, as a rule, is not chewed enough and is quickly swallowed. In this case, air enters the digestive tract with food and the gas bubble in the stomach increases, begins to prop up the diaphragm and press on the heart lying on it, squeeze the vessels that supply it. Therefore, in this state, heart attacks often occur, "he said.

Cardiologist Yevgeny Osipov, in turn, notes that people suffering from any chronic diseases should be especially attentive during this period. Those suffering from arterial hypertension should take into account that many drugs for this disease are not combined with alcohol. Their use together can dramatically reduce or increase blood pressure. People with atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease need to avoid foods high in fat and salt. "The use of such dishes can provoke a deterioration. Salty dishes provoke a worsening of the condition in hypertensive patients," the doctor said.

Alcohol consumption

"The regime in order to harm the heart and blood vessels as little as possible on holidays should be balanced. Of course, it is undesirable to spend all 10 days off on the bed, and even more so all these 10 days to abuse alcoholic beverages," said Yevgeny Osipov.

According to him, doctors only allow small amounts of red wine. Strong drinks in large doses always have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

A similar opinion is expressed by Vladimir Khoroshev. He notes that it is better to think in advance what exactly to drink during the celebration.

"If you outline that you want to drink champagne, then you need to drink it. If a person then decided to" catch up "with whiskey, vodka, wine, this is wrong, because the presence of gas in a carbonated drink - in champagne - accelerates the penetration of alcohol molecules into the brain, - said Khoroshev.

Night walks and sports

"There are people who prefer to leave a warm apartment in the cold on New Year's Eve. Those who suffer from coronary artery disease, that is, angina pectoris, may experience vasospasm, and this may lead to a heart attack. call an ambulance, so it is better to limit such temperature drops, "said Osipov

According to him, you should not plan too much physical activity during long weekends.

"In this case, a person should adhere to approximately the same indicators of physical activity that are characteristic of him. You should not completely give up physical activity, but you should not take any extraordinary, completely uncharacteristic physical feats for a person," the doctor added.

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