Doctor Myasnikov Advised Russians To Sweat

Doctor Myasnikov Advised Russians To Sweat
Doctor Myasnikov Advised Russians To Sweat

Video: Doctor Myasnikov Advised Russians To Sweat

Video: Доктор Мясников. Медицинская программа: Вода и другое питьё, еда от гипертонии, проблемы с суставами 2022, November

The chief physician of Moscow Hospital 71, TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov gave the Russians some advice for a healthy lifestyle, in particular, he recommended sweating at least once a day. He announced these rules on the air of the program "On the most important" on the channel "Russia 1", the release was published on YouTube.

Myasnikov noted that he considers the correct recommendation to sleep eight hours a day. According to the doctor, eight hours of sleep reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At the same time, the doctor emphasized that both more and less prolonged sleep can be harmful to health.

The doctor also advised taking at least ten thousand steps a day. “Regular and daily loads should be - this is so. Anyone should sweat at least once during the day,”added Myasnikov.

The doctor also commented on the recommendation that a person should drink two liters of water daily. In his opinion, "the cult of water is not entirely justified," and you need to drink it when you want. “With urine, with feces, with sweat, with breathing, you all lose about a liter and a half of water. Yeah, well, you need to fill up two liters? Well no. The fact is that you take almost 800 with food, because only chips do not contain water,”he added.

Earlier, Myasnikov commented on rumors about the introduction of quarantine in Russia in September. He considered such a scenario extremely unlikely and noted that there was no medical indication for it. “Nobody needs it and it can simply have catastrophic consequences,” the doctor said.

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