Why Sleeping On The Left Side Is The Healthiest

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Why Sleeping On The Left Side Is The Healthiest
Why Sleeping On The Left Side Is The Healthiest

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On the resources dedicated to healthy lifestyle, there are now a lot of materials on how to improve the quality of night sleep. One of the sore topics is which side is better to sleep on, so that by the morning the body is fully restored and the person feels vigorous and full of energy. In 2012-2014, Norwegian and Danish scientists conducted a series of experiments devoted to this problem.

Optimal sleeping position

The study was carried out by specialists from the Norwegian University of Technology (Trondheim) together with scientists from the Danish National Research Center (Copenhagen) and the Department of Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense). The subjects included 1119 men and women from 20 to 65 years old.

Scientists compared all parameters of weight, age and physical condition of these people, and then for 2 years monitored their sleeping habits in one or another position. As a result, it turned out that the position of the body during the night rest is directly related to physical health. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides recover much better. And his health is stronger than that of everyone else. Of the total mass of the subjects, 54.1% slept on their sides, 37.5% - on their backs, 8.4% - on their stomachs. This ratio is not accidental. It reflects some patterns. In early infancy, people sleep on their backs most of the time. During this period, the main bends of the spine are formed. With age, the lateral position of the body begins to prevail during sleep.

Throughout the night, people change their posture several times, subconsciously trying to avoid stagnation in the tissues. Women sleep on their sides more time than men. This preference makes the ladies more resilient, physically fitter and longer life expectancy. It is also important which - left or right - side to sleep.

Do you want to be healthy? Lie on your left side

The organs of the human gastrointestinal tract are located asymmetrically. During sleep, this greatly affects all the processes taking place in our body. Lying on our left side, we stimulate the intestines. Also in this position, the stomach is below the esophagus. Everything is functioning correctly. It helps to get rid of heartburn, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome.

The second important point concerns blood circulation and lymph flow. In the supine position on the left side, the human body "accelerates" lymph and blood faster and better. The nutrition of the brain improves, so a person wakes up well rested. The free movement of lymph quickly removes waste products, helps fight toxins and excess weight. Finally, sleeping in this position reduces snoring. People prone to it often experience oxygen deficiency at night. This leads to memory impairment, poor performance and premature aging of the brain. Snorers also experience involuntary respiratory arrest - apnea - which, if overweight, can even lead to death. Only people with heart failure and those who have suffered a heart attack should not sleep on their left side. In this position, there is increased pressure on the heart, and this can damage the weakened organ.

All other scientists are advised to learn to sleep on the left side. Pregnant and overweight women should use a small pillow under their bent right leg. It relieves stress on the pelvis and spine. To keep your shoulders and neck from numb, sometimes change your position and be sure to take care of a comfortable mattress! The comfort of the bed is just as important to the quality of rest as sleeping on one side of the body or the other.

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