Why You Shouldn't Give Up A Trainer At The Gym? Experiment "Championship"

Why You Shouldn't Give Up A Trainer At The Gym? Experiment "Championship"
Why You Shouldn't Give Up A Trainer At The Gym? Experiment "Championship"

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Sometimes one exercise that is not right for you can ruin everything.


Regular training may not work. And sometimes even worsen your condition. How is this possible? The thing is that, most likely, you did not take into account many of your individual characteristics and, most importantly, the goal. That is why the "Championship" recommends working with a coach, at least at the initial stage. In order to show how different the training and recommendations of a specialist can be, we, together with the trainer of Black Star Fitness, Ruth Dushkina, conducted an experiment.

What's the point?

We have: two young 22-year-old correspondents of the Championship. It would seem that everyone is on the treadmill, squatting and in the hammam. But the girls decided not to simplify the path and achieve really high results. To do this, it was necessary to draw up a program with a trainer, taking into account the characteristics of the body, physical parameters and goals. And they have something completely different.

Arina: I want to lose weight, regain good stretching and increase my daily activity, since work mostly requires a sedentary regime. Previously, I played volleyball and basketball, in the first years of university I did home workouts, and then I abandoned everything.

Polina: I also want to improve stretching, but at the same time gain muscle mass and increase endurance. For about five years I was engaged in figure skating, now there are only periodic stretching trainings.

Step 1: Body Composition Analysis

Ruth performed a body composition analysis for the girls using a special apparatus. We looked at how much muscle, fat, water is in the body. The program has determined the calorie consumption. This is the most basic, according to which the trainer can build further classes and give recommendations on nutrition. It also revealed some features associated with injuries and physical fitness. For example, Arina has knee injuries. This means that the trainer will pay special attention to this part of the body, give it a little less load at first and monitor Arina's condition during training.

Phase 2: Diet and Exercise Recommendations

Arina's basal metabolic rate is 1441 kcal, so much energy is needed by her body, if you do not take into account daily activity. Eating less is bad. This is a lot of stress for the body, so it slows down the metabolism and begins to store fat. The total daily energy consumption, taking into account activity, is 2200 kcal. After resuming training, it will be important to maintain a calorie deficit diet, that is, consume approximately 1800 kcal daily. Such a deficiency will allow you to lose weight without stress and harm to the body.

Ruth: Perhaps in the first week or two you will feel that you have gained a little - one or one and a half kilograms. This is normal, your body just adjusts. Now the numbers are good, you don't have a lack of muscle, but there is a slight increase in fat mass.

Arina's training program should include cardio and circuit training with a lot of repetitions. The coach recommends using a program with two strength, one functional and one cardio per week. But Polina, on the contrary, needs to increase the calorie intake. Increase not only the number of meals, but their volume. Muscles are poorly developed, there is not enough fat in the body to build the right balance.

Include three strength training plans per week and then alternate them with functional ones to increase endurance. There is no sense in an hour on a treadmill for Polina, unlike Arina.

Stage 3: Starting Workout

Ruth: The first training session is about getting to know the client, it doesn't have to be killer.In the programs of Arina and Polina, at first, not much will differ, but it is very important to take these differences into account. They play a huge role in building a good plan. The machines are still the same, but each will have its own weight and number of repetitions.

Seated Leg Press

Polina - 15 repetitions, 4 sets, weight 12.5 kg. Arina - 30 repetitions, 4 sets, weight 25 kg.

Gluteal bridge

Polina - 15 repetitions, 4 sets, weight: 8 kg barbell + 10 kg pancakes. Arina - 20-25 repetitions for 4 sets, weight: barbell 8 kg + pancakes 20 kg.

Exercise machine vertical pull

Polina - 15 reps 3-4 sets, weight 12.5 kg. Arina - 17-20 repetitions 3-4 sets, weight 17.5 kg.

Horizontal row in the simulator

Polina - 15 reps 3-4 sets, weight 15 kg. Arina - 20 repetitions 3-4 sets, weight 20 kg.

Step 4: Additional Recommendations

Each person has their own characteristics, goals, desires. The program is worked out on the basis of small details, the structure of the feet, pelvis, posture, injuries, contraindications, opportunities. Only in this way will the training be effective. Additional research and recommendations were essential for greater effectiveness. For example, 80% of your result depends on nutrition.

Throughout the training, the specialist observes the client, examines his body in order to take into account as many nuances as possible. After the class, Ruth shared her observations.

Ruth: Pauline’s pelvis moves forward a little, so I would recommend her to pull her buttocks after each workout. In addition, I noticed a slight rounding of the shoulders, so I plan to include more exercises to strengthen the back in the program.

I always look at the features of posture. For example, some have thoracic kyphosis - this is when a person seems to be stooped. I would not let him do crunches on the press, since this will only clamp the body more, I would prepare more exercises for the back - it needs to be strengthened.

Arina can also train this area, although the changes are not so noticeable here. But I will definitely watch her shoulders during training - it is important that they do not rise - as I noticed the trapezium tightness. Incorrect loading can create a feeling of a "man's back". Arina also needs to strengthen the muscles near the knee, but do it gradually and use a little weight.

The training plan is clear. Ruth explains that these are introductory classes for the first month and a half. Then the workouts should change according to the progress and the desired result. For example, to gain muscle mass, Polina will need to reduce the number of repetitions to 12, 10, 8, gradually add weight.

How would our correspondents figure it out using the Internet? We have no idea. The trainer is a key link not only for newcomers to fitness, but also for professional athletes. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to constantly see ourselves from the outside and notice important nuances in movements or our own anatomy. The specialist monitors the technique of performing the exercises - it is she who most of all affects the result and does not allow harm to the body, if you do everything right.

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