With A Smile For Life: 5 Important Micronutrients That Can Help Improve Your Mood

With A Smile For Life: 5 Important Micronutrients That Can Help Improve Your Mood
With A Smile For Life: 5 Important Micronutrients That Can Help Improve Your Mood

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Proper nutrition is a guarantee of good health and excellent mood. When a person is full of strength and energy, can actively move, and nothing hurts, it immediately affects the way of life: we become open to new things, and sometimes we even decide to change our lives for the better. A stable hormonal background is able to save us from even the most severe seasonal depression, we notice that we have become light-headed and smile more often.


You can achieve this state at any age. It is better, of course, to teach yourself to eat right from childhood, but adults will quickly notice the difference in well-being, as soon as the diet becomes balanced and healthy. Here are 5 important micronutrients that must enter the body every day: only then the body will be strong and strong, and the mood will be cheerful and joyful.

1. Omega-3 acids

Irreplaceable elements that enter the body only with food: the currently existing vitamin preparations are not fully absorbed by the body. Omega-3 acids are responsible for the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems. Look for them in oily sea fish (be sure to pay attention to the origin - in the same tuna there may be an increased content of mercury), high-quality olive oil, walnuts, cashews and macadamias.

2. Iron

This trace element is important for improving the quality of the blood composition. Iron participates in protein metabolism, supports immunity and the work of the endocrine system. You can replenish by eating pomegranates, dark chocolate (look for one in which the content of cocoa products is at least 65%), liver, grapes, spinach. Decoction of nettle can be a valuable source of iron, but it is worth checking with the therapist if you can drink it - there are contraindications.

3. Vitamins of group D

The "solar vitamin", which is responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, takes an active part in the metabolic processes of the body, is necessary to increase immunity and the formation of protein molecules of internal organs. It is absorbed best with fats (such as coconut oil) and calcium. Add cottage cheese or natural yogurt to the diet, and also remember that the sun's rays are a prerequisite for the absorption of this vitamin and its independent synthesis by the body.

4. Magnesium

This important trace element is involved in the synthesis of proteins, the metabolism of glucose, amino acids and fats. First of all, it is known for its influence on the work of the nervous system. Found in bananas, dark chocolate, avocados, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

It is even easier to get the necessary trace elements with water. For this, water purifiers were created that not only filter water, but also enrich it with useful minerals.

The Neos Redox Hydrogen Alkaline Water Purifier prepares water for you enriched with magnesium, calcium and potassium. In addition, such water corresponds in structure to melt water, the benefits of which have been talked about for a long time (and rightly, judging by the enthusiastic reviews of the followers of the water purification method). An additional very pleasant bonus - washing with such water cleanses the skin, makes it clean, firm and improves the complexion. It is very useful to wash children with hydrogen water and brush their teeth.

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5. Zinc

It is necessary for the normal functioning of any cell of the body and the maintenance of immunity, which is especially important in the cold season, during epidemics of viruses and the absence of sunlight.Contained in meat, sprouted grains of wheat and green buckwheat, vegetables, legumes and mushrooms, spinach and seafood. Zinc must be in the diet of children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women.

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