8 First Signs Of Pregnancy

8 First Signs Of Pregnancy
8 First Signs Of Pregnancy

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Today, women are increasingly starting to plan their pregnancy. This avoids or significantly reduces the likelihood of having a child with developmental disabilities. When the right moment comes, conception occurs. And soon the woman begins to look for the first signs of pregnancy in the early stages before the delay.


1. Bloody discharge

The process of implanting a fertilized egg can be accompanied by a discharge that is light pink to brown in color.

Scanty, without an unpleasant odor and starting earlier than the date of the onset of the next menstruation, they may indicate pregnancy.

Additionally, after two to three weeks, women may experience unpleasant pulling pains in the lower abdomen. Gynecologists say that this is how the enlargement of the uterus manifests itself, which prepares for the development of the fetus.

2. Constant fatigue

Signs of pregnancy in the early stages before the delay include unreasonable, suddenly developed fatigue. This is due to the fact that in order to preserve the fetus, which is perceived by the mother's body as a foreign object, a large amount of the hormone progesterone is required.

This substance slows down the processes in the woman's body, forcing her to rest more, to take care of herself for the upcoming motherhood.

3. General malaise

In the first weeks of pregnancy, many women feel that their health has worsened. There may be headaches, frequent changes in pressure, dizziness, and even a fever, but only slightly. If this has not been previously noted and there are no obvious reasons for the appearance of such a clinic, you should think about a possible pregnancy. Especially if unprotected intercourse has taken place.

It is important that against the background of a decrease in the activity of the immune system, the likelihood of getting sick is not excluded.

If a woman is planning a pregnancy with her partner, at the first sign of malaise, she should consult a doctor. Be sure to notify him of the expected pregnancy.

4. Changes in the breast

The first and most sure sign of pregnancy in the early stages before the delay is an increase in the sensitivity of the mammary glands. Any touch causes pain.

Although some women do not find this symptom in themselves until active preparation for feeding begins in their breasts.

5. Change in basal temperature

After 7 days from the moment of fertilization, the woman has a change in basal temperature. This is due to the intense production of progesterone. If for two weeks the thermometer shows 37 degrees and above, we can talk about pregnancy. Of course, measurements are taken after ovulation.

Once the placenta is fully adjusted to work, the basal temperature will return to pre-pregnancy levels.

It is important to understand that it is possible to determine the date of ovulation only if the cycle is regular. Otherwise, this early pregnancy sign before the delay will not be valid.

6. Pain

The unpleasant sensations mainly affect the head. Their appearance is provoked by such factors:

changes in pressure and hormone concentration;

pungent odors;

increased fatigue.

After some time, this sign of pregnancy in the early stages before the delay is replaced by pain in the lumbar region.

This, in turn, is explained by the constant tone of the muscular apparatus of the pelvis, the expansion of the uterus.

7. Increased urge to urinate

At periods when a woman does not know about her pregnancy, she may be alerted by increased urination for no apparent reason. The condition can be provoked by increased blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Over time, urination will normalize, but the situation will change again closer to childbirth.

Frequent urination should be distinguished as a sign of pregnancy in the early stages before the delay from pathological disorders in the work of the kidneys. In the latter case, emptying the bladder is accompanied by painful sensations. The condition requires specialist intervention.

8. Thrush

In order for the woman's body not to reject the fetus, the immune system becomes less active. Against this background, chronic diseases are activated. A conditional sign of early pregnancy before delay in women with previously diagnosed thrush is an exacerbation of the disease.

To cope with this condition, the active use of dairy products, especially those saturated with lactobacilli, helps. They exclude the likelihood of developing fungi of the Candida family.

Due to the fact that thrush does not occur in every woman, it all depends on immunity and the specifics of hormonal changes, this symptom is called conditional. The appearance of thrush is more correct to call a serious reason for visiting a gynecologist.

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