Why Does It Pull In The Lower Abdomen In Early Pregnancy?

Why Does It Pull In The Lower Abdomen In Early Pregnancy?
Why Does It Pull In The Lower Abdomen In Early Pregnancy?

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A woman begins to monitor her condition more closely when she finds out about pregnancy, and any deviations in health should alert the expectant mother.


In the first weeks of pregnancy, girls often face pulling pains in the lower abdomen, this symptom occurs quite often in the early stages, and usually does not pose a danger. But there are also situations when pain can talk about the pathology of the development of pregnancy.

So that such a symptom does not bring any harm to a woman, you need to know in which cases pain can be dangerous, and when they are the norm. A woman should remember that soreness can indicate the onset of a miscarriage, fetal freezing or an ectopic pregnancy.

All this is dangerous for both the expectant mother and the child. We will talk in more detail about why such painful sensations can arise, and in which case the expectant mother should immediately seek help from a doctor.

Possible reasons

During early pregnancy, women often face pulling pains that are localized in the lower abdomen, the reasons for this phenomenon are varied. Some of them should seriously concern the expectant mother, while others do not threaten the life and health of the mother or child.

List of reasons that do not threaten the health of the fetus and mother:

The egg is fertilized and begins to attach in the uterine cavity, at which point minor damage to the mucous membrane and blood vessels may occur. It is for this reason that mild pains in the lower abdomen occur, which are similar to menstrual pain, and a small amount of blood is also possible.

An active restructuring of hormones begins in the body, the amount of progesterone increases, which can cause a minor painful syndrome.

The ligaments on which the uterus rests begin to stretch gradually, which leads to a painful sensation.

The cause of pain can be a change in the center of gravity of the body

Pains of a physiological nature, which can speak of pathology, include:

Freezing of the fetus and stopping its development. The fetus in the womb can die for various reasons, but it is with a frozen pregnancy that pulling pains in the lower abdomen can occur, such a pathology usually occurs at an early stage. The dead fetus begins to be rejected by the woman's body, which causes bouts of severe pain and bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy. An equally common pathology, when the ovum is fixed not in the uterine cavity, but in the tube. As the fetus grows, the woman has severe bouts of pain, additional bleeding occurs, nausea and vomiting may appear. This condition is very dangerous and requires immediate hospitalization.

Risk of miscarriage. In this case, detachment of the placenta or the ovum itself occurs. Symptoms in this case may be different, while the pain is mild at first, but gradually increases. In this case, the bleeding is weak or profuse, in which case the expectant mother needs medical help.

Corpus luteum cyst. The corpus luteum is necessary in order to produce a hormone to maintain pregnancy, but in some cases, pathology develops, and the corpus luteum accumulates a lot of fluid. As a result, a woman during pregnancy feels bouts of pulling pains.

When a woman needs medical attention

So, we have already found out for what reasons pulling pains in the lower abdomen can occur during pregnancy. As experts say, in the early stages, soreness is especially dangerous, since you may not notice the first signs of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

An expectant mother should seek help from a doctor if:

Painful sensations do not decrease, but only increase, while the use of No-shpa does not give any result. In this case, you should call an ambulance, and before the doctors arrive, move less and rest more.

When pulling pains are of a girdle nature or radiate to the lumbar region, it is best to visit a gynecologist.

The pain is localized in one place of the abdomen, then the woman should undergo an ultrasound scan as soon as possible in order to exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

The expectant mother developed a discharge of pink, brown or red color, which is accompanied by slight pulling pains in the lower abdomen. These signs indicate a possible miscarriage.

If a woman is faced not only with pulling pains, but also nausea, and then vomiting, she should visit a doctor as soon as possible or call emergency help.

As experienced gynecologists say, for any malaise, mild pain, uncharacteristic discharge or other signs of pathology, you should consult your doctor. Even minor changes in the condition of a pregnant woman may indicate that the pregnancy is not developing correctly.

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