Urgently To The Doctor: 7 Dangerous Symptoms During Pregnancy

Urgently To The Doctor: 7 Dangerous Symptoms During Pregnancy
Urgently To The Doctor: 7 Dangerous Symptoms During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most wonderful state of a woman, it can be said to be a separate life, when not only her own well-being depends on her state, but also the state of a new, such a dear person growing in the womb. During this magical period, everything that happens in the body of a pregnant woman has a direct impact on the correct growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, she must sensitively listen to all the processes taking place in the body and, in case of deviations from the normal rhythm, respond appropriately to them - promptly consult a doctor leading a pregnancy. There are several dangerous signs with which a visit to the doctor during pregnancy should not be postponed in any case. MedicForum has collected these symptoms.

Bloody discharge during pregnancy - is it dangerous?

This sign may indicate a threat of miscarriage, spontaneous miscarriage, frozen pregnancy (in the first trimester), late miscarriage or the beginning of premature birth, as well as the course of other bad processes in the body of a pregnant woman. In the last weeks of pregnancy, such discharge may mean that a very dangerous event has occurred - placental abruption (occurs much less often for other reasons) - a serious danger to the life of a woman and her child.

Bloody discharge may be painless or accompanied by abdominal pain. Most often, bleeding occurs at the very beginning and in the final stage of pregnancy - in the first and third trimesters. In any trimester, bleeding can be associated with fibroids or erosion of the cervix in a woman, excessive physical exertion, stress and overly active sexual intercourse. It should be pointed out that not in all cases the appearance of blood in the discharge means something bad, but they are an unconditional reason for an early visit to a doctor.

Leakage of amniotic fluid in pregnant women, what threatens?

In the normal course of pregnancy, amniotic fluid, or, as they are more often called, amniotic fluid, must move away during childbirth, at a certain stage. Premature rupture or leakage of amniotic fluid is a serious risk of premature delivery. Therefore, it is important to understand what is happening - a simple discharge or water flowing away. Signs of discharge of water - the secreted has a liquid consistency, transparent (the discharge is thicker), the discharge of fluid is more intense when the position of the body changes or when moving; if there is a strong rupture of the fetal bladder - the liquid flows in jets along the legs, the woman cannot stop it by effort; if there are micro-cracks on the bladder, it is possible to determine whether the discharge is amniotic fluid in the antenatal clinic - you need to do tests or take a smear for analysis. Now there are also various means for determining the outpouring of water on their own at home, for example, gaskets. In any case, if the discharge bothers the expectant mother and differs from the usual, you need to inform the doctor about it. Even with the most negative signs, modern medicine is able to minimize the consequences of pathological phenomena.

Are swelling and pressure dangerous for pregnant women?

Feeling unwell, accompanied by edema, increased blood pressure, pain in the occipital region of the head, dizziness, "flies" before the eyes, nausea and / or vomiting. In the second half of pregnancy, these symptoms may indicate a condition called preeclampsia, a sharp deterioration in this condition can lead to early delivery due to the threat to the health of the mother and child, associated with the negative effect of increased pressure on the heart, kidneys and brain of a woman and oxygen starvation of the baby.

High fever in a pregnant woman, what does it mean?

Fever, severe cough, chills, weakness, shortness of breath - may indicate an acute viral disease.

Such conditions are fraught with miscarriage, malformations, malnutrition of the unborn child, hypoxia at various stages of pregnancy.

Thrusts and movement in the abdomen in a pregnant woman

The child's behavior is too different from usual - either there are no movements for a long time, or movements are too active. The reason for this may be a lack of oxygen in the fetus. In such a situation, you should immediately consult a doctor in order to listen to the fetal heartbeat and conduct cardiac monitoring (CTG).

Abdominal pain during pregnancy, what to do?

Pain in the center of attention during pregnancy - the abdomen - can be either normal, caused by physiological processes (stretching of the ligaments that hold the uterus, compression of organs, factors not related to pregnancy), or indicative of the development of a number of diseases and pathological incidents, including - spontaneous miscarriage. Therefore, if the pain bothers, a significant period of time does not pass, it grows, appears again, the visit to the doctor cannot be postponed.

Dizziness, fainting - is it normal during pregnancy

The main cause of dizziness, often accompanying pregnancy, and fainting is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Among the reasons should also be called changes in the vasculature of the small pelvis (at the very beginning of pregnancy), a long break between meals, sudden movements, stuffiness, toxicosis, etc. Fainting during pregnancy should be prevented, because they may result in bleeding and lack of oxygen at the fetus. In the absence of anyone near a pregnant woman during fainting, she may receive serious injuries, and may not come out of the state of fainting in time, the result of this may be the loss of a child. It is imperative to see a doctor to eliminate the causes of fainting, especially if such incidents occur repeatedly. It is worth contacting a doctor if there are other symptoms that bother a woman - heartburn, difficulties with going to the toilet, the appearance or aggravation of hemorrhoids, and others.

Listening to what the body tells you is especially important and necessary during pregnancy. Promptly seeking help from competent specialists will help to avoid the negative consequences of the development of these alarming signs. In any case, if the condition of a pregnant woman causes her even the slightest concern, she should be able to be constantly in touch with the doctor supervising the pregnancy. In no case should one worry about what is happening and worried, because even if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, and there is nothing wrong with these symptoms, the woman is simply “worried”, you need to make sure of this. Earlier, doctors named the five most important symptoms of cancer.

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