Can You Use Activated Charcoal During Pregnancy?

Can You Use Activated Charcoal During Pregnancy?
Can You Use Activated Charcoal During Pregnancy?

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Professional doctors say that taking activated charcoal during pregnancy is not only possible, but in some cases even necessary. After all, this is one of the most effective and at the same time harmless drugs - activated carbon is not able to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore does not have the slightest negative effect on the unborn child. MedicForum found out everything about the use of this drug by pregnant women.

How does activated carbon work?

This drug has an effect exclusively on the body of the expectant mother, and it is strictly positive. The reason for this lies in the specific nature of activated carbon, which, in fact, is a carbon sorbent. Due to its porous structure and physical properties, activated carbon is able to absorb harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract of a woman, and then remove them from the body. These substances are toxins, poisons, as well as decay products, which during pregnancy have an extremely negative effect on a woman's body. And, therefore, activated carbon is able to prevent increased gas formation, diarrhea, colic, acting as a kind of sponge and effectively absorbing a variety of harmful substances.

When is it advisable to use activated carbon?

So, to the question of whether activated charcoal is possible during pregnancy, we answered. Now let's talk about in what cases it is advisable to take this pharmacological drug. You can drink activated charcoal if you suffer from certain gastrointestinal problems. In addition, activated carbon can effectively help in the fight against heartburn, from which the vast majority of women suffer in recent months (after all, this substance can absorb even excess acid that is formed in the stomach).

Benefits of the drug

Listing the main advantages of activated carbon, it should be noted that it acts very mildly, without irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa. In addition, experts note the ability of this drug to be excreted from the body naturally, along with human waste products. Thanks to these characteristics, activated carbon leaves the woman's body within seven hours after consumption, which means that there is no need to talk about any negative impact on the health of the future mother. The most important thing is to ensure that the dosage of the substance is not exceeded.

Side effects of using activated carbon

Despite the safety of this drug, doctors say that expectant mothers are still better off not getting carried away. It turns out that, subject to long-term use, activated carbon is able to remove the necessary trace elements from the body of a pregnant woman. This sorbent does not make a special distinction between harmful and useful substances. And every woman should remember that it is dangerous to self-medicate even if even the simplest and most affordable drugs are used for this. A special instruction will tell you how to take the drug correctly. Be sure to read it, and also remember a few basic points: 1. You should take activated charcoal no later than two hours before taking vitamin complexes. 2. Take the time to crush each tablet and mix the resulting powder with a little water. 3. Do not overuse activated charcoal - take it only if necessary or as recommended by your doctor.Previously, scientists have proven that activated charcoal can make the skin flawless.

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