Is It Possible To Get Pregnant During Menstruation

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant During Menstruation
Is It Possible To Get Pregnant During Menstruation

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Many women are convinced that menstruation is a natural contraceptive, and that sexual intercourse is safe during this period. That is why women do not even think that pregnancy may occur during critical days.


But if there are such patients who, at the reception with a gynecologist, ask the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant during menstruation, and also on what days an intimate relationship will not lead to pregnancy.

It is worth saying that pregnancy during menstruation can occur, of course, the chance of seeing two stripes on the test is rather small, but it is there.

That is why it is worth finding out in more detail for what reasons, perhaps, the onset of pregnancy during menstruation, and also whether there are completely safe days for unprotected intercourse.

The main causes of pregnancy during menstruation

There are cases when a woman's ovary matures not one, but two eggs at once, while they are completely ready for fertilization. Their maturation can occur at the same time, or with a short period of time. There are several reasons why such a failure may occur:

a woman has an irregular intimate life;

such violations can be inherited from the mother;

in the body there was a sharp hormonal surge, which was of a short-term nature.

Such a phenomenon is observed quite rarely, but nevertheless, the development of a second egg is possible, which means that fertilization can occur. For this reason, doctors recommend using contraceptive methods even during menstruation, that is, using a condom.

In addition, there is a chance not only of getting pregnant, but also of getting an infection, which will lead to serious health consequences.

Hormonal disruptions

If a woman is interested in whether it is possible to become pregnant during menstruation without protection, then the answer will be unequivocal. Pregnancy can occur due to hormonal disruption in the body. It often happens that critical days come with a delay, hormonal failure is to blame for this, for this reason the timing of ovulation also changes. If it fails, ovulation may start a little earlier, or, conversely, later.

The sperm cell can remain active for five days, so fertilization is quite possible if ovulation occurs during this period.

Now you can answer the question of interest in more detail. If the partners had sexual contact on the fifth or sixth day of the cycle, then after a few days the fertilization of the egg can occur and pregnancy occurs. Contraception should be used to avoid a positive test.

Violation of taking oral contraceptives

This is a fairly common cause of pregnancy, if a woman misses one contraceptive pill, it can lead to the fertilization of an egg during menstruation. In the event that the patient takes oral contraceptives and then stops taking them, menstruation should begin in a couple of days. Sex during this period can lead to pregnancy.

Therefore, when a woman has a question whether it is possible to become pregnant during menstruation or immediately after them, the answer will be quite unambiguous and understandable. Although the chance of seeing two stripes on the test is small, it still exists.

Is pregnancy possible during menstruation on the first and second days

Before answering the question, one should take into account the physiological characteristics of the woman's body, here the frequency of the cycle, as well as its duration, will play an important role.Nevertheless, as medical practice shows, the first two days are considered the safest for unprotected intercourse, during this period pregnancy is extremely rare.

The reason for this is that the body at this stage begins to gradually renew itself, and the level of all hormones necessary for conception and consolidation of the fetus becomes minimal.


sperm cannot enter the uterine cavity;

the endometrium begins to separate more actively;

even a fertilized egg will not be able to gain a foothold in the uterus.

For these reasons, we can say that the risk of pregnancy on the 2nd day of menstruation is minimal, but still not reduced to zero, since conception is still possible.

Is pregnancy possible on the third day of the cycle

The risk of seeing two stripes on the test remains with any sexual contact that takes place without protective contraception, and even during menstruation, the risk of fertilizing an egg remains. As you know, in the first three days, the critical days are more abundant, since the endometrium is intensively separated, such an environment is not suitable for the full work of spermatozoa.

Gynecologists, however, are confident that a woman can become pregnant during menstruation, while the chance of pregnancy reaches 6%.

Nevertheless, the first three days of the cycle are considered the safest, since the microflora changes, and sperm are not able to survive in such an environment. But a new cycle leads to a hormonal surge, which can lead to early ovulation, and then fertilization will occur. For this reason, if partners are not ready to become parents, they should use contraception already on the third day of menstruation.

What period is the most dangerous

We have already considered the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant during menstruation for 1 day without using contraception. Now it is worth telling at what period the risk of pregnancy increases significantly. It has already been said that the first two days are considered the safest, and the risk of conceiving a child during this period is very low.

But at the end of critical days, the chances of fertilization of the egg are significantly increased, especially when menstruation is greatly delayed.

Is conception possible immediately after menstruation?

There is a fairly high probability of getting pregnant at the very end of the critical days, while the risks will depend entirely on the duration of menstruation. The longer the discharge lasts, the higher the chance of pregnancy.

When critical days last more than five days, a woman's cycle is reduced to 24 days, which means that the period of ovulation may come earlier.

Why does pregnancy occur immediately after menstruation:

False menstruation. This is bleeding that occurs in a woman even after the fertilization of an egg. Many patients think that conception occurred immediately after menstruation, but in fact, fertilization occurred before the onset of the critical days.

Irregular menstrual cycle. Here, the risk of pregnancy is highest, since the cycle is irregular, it is difficult to track the ovulation phase, so you can get pregnant immediately after the end of your period.

Tubal pregnancy. This pregnancy is called ectopic, and although the chances of such conception are minimal, they do exist.

Diseases of the cervix. There are cases when, after intercourse, a woman has slight bleeding, which is mistaken for menstrual bleeding. partners stop using contraception, which leads to pregnancy.

Gynecologists warn women that there are no completely safe days in which conception cannot occur at all. Therefore, you should use a contraceptive so that there is no unexpected conception.

Is embryo implantation possible on critical days

We have already found out whether it is possible to become pregnant during menstruation on the 3rd or 4th day, and that is why it is safe to say that the egg can gain a foothold in the uterine cavity on the third day of menstruation. The most favorable conditions for the consolidation of the embryo arise during ovulation, and this usually occurs on the 14-15th day of the cycle.

But there are cases when ovulation occurs earlier, or the egg is fixed in the uterine cavity not during ovulation.

It is the implantation of the embryo that is a difficult process for the body; pregnancy does not always occur. The thing is that the embryo is perceived by the woman's body as a foreign object, so the body begins to reject it. The consolidation takes place most successfully during ovulation, as well as from the tenth to the fourteenth day of the cycle.

But even with menstruation, fertilization of the egg and its fixation in the uterus is quite possible.

Symptoms of embryo fixation:

the appearance of pulling pains in the lower abdomen;

there is itching in the uterus;

spotting may occur;

the woman feels weak and slightly unwell;

nervousness and irritability increases;

body temperature rises slightly;

hCG levels in the blood and urine increase.

Is it possible to prevent pregnancy during menstruation

There are only two options for avoiding unwanted pregnancy:

refuse sexual contact during menstruation;

use reliable contraception.

If you follow at least one of these rules, then pregnancy will not occur. It is not always possible to accurately track the moment of ovulation, so the risk of conception exists on any day of your period.

There are special calendars and calculators that are used to determine ovulation, but they cannot provide 100% protection against conception.

Partners should use contraception to not only protect themselves from unplanned parenting, but also to protect themselves from infection. During menstruation, a woman's body is more susceptible to infection, since fungi and bacteria can easily enter the uterine cavity and cause inflammation. Therefore, the use of contraception helps not only to avoid pregnancy, but also health problems.

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