Excess Weight Can "poison" The Body

Excess Weight Can "poison" The Body
Excess Weight Can "poison" The Body

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Video: What sugar is really doing to your body – Why sugar is poison! – Overcome Sugar addiction 2022, November

Every person has fat on their belly, which is supposed to protect the organs and back from damage. It is called visceral, but sometimes it accumulates in such quantities that it can lead to dangerous diseases, since it can cause damaging molecules and hormones to enter the bloodstream.

For example, toxic fat can release proteins that decrease your body's insulin sensitivity. Then blood glucose levels rise, which can cause diabetes in the long term. Visceral fat can also stimulate uncontrolled cell growth and replication, potentially causing some forms of cancer, The Conversation reports.

For patients with heart disease, these results mean that surgical removal of heart fat may be an effective treatment. In addition, it potentially paves the way for future drug development that can suppress the release of damaging molecules from hidden fat.

As Profil previously wrote, Swiss scientists have found that visceral fat located in the abdominal cavity contributes to chronic inflammation, which, in turn, accelerates the development of age-related diseases and weakens the immune system.

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