We Breathe Deeply And Squat Rhythmically! 5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Nervous

We Breathe Deeply And Squat Rhythmically! 5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Nervous
We Breathe Deeply And Squat Rhythmically! 5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Nervous

Video: We Breathe Deeply And Squat Rhythmically! 5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Nervous

Video: We Breathe Deeply And Squat Rhythmically! 5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Nervous
Video: Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques 2023, March

British scientists have calculated that the average person loses up to 110 thousand neurons per day, due to permanent stress at work and scandals in the family. This leads to exhaustion of the nervous system and all kinds of "sores": depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders and panic attacks. If you are among those who cannot cope with reality, then do not rush to the pharmacy for sedatives. Expert of the Teleprogramma.pro portal, psychologist Ksenia Ulyanova knows five simple ways to help you recover quickly and effectively. Method 1: Herbal tea calms the nervous system Black, green, or white teas will not work. They contain caffeine, which will further excite the nervous system, and at a time of severe stress, our body needs a completely opposite effect.


“When you drink organic tea, you actually kill two birds with one stone: the hot drink relaxes, and the herbs soothe the nervous system. If you cannot live without classic tea, then I advise you to switch to Rooibos. At least it doesn't contain caffeine.

Warm milk will also help you relax quickly. If it is not possible to drink a hot drink, then you can get by with a glass of water at room temperature. In a very stressful moment, and it will help,”- Ksenia Ulyanova commented.

A cup of herbal tea soothes the nervous system. Photo: globallookpress. Method 2: a hot bath or pool relax the body There is no secret in this method either. In the water, the muscles relax, respectively, the tension goes away.

“After a hard day, you can take a relaxing bubble / salt bath or contrast shower. It also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

It is very good to use the pool regularly. If you introduce it into a habit and swim at least twice a week, then after three to four months you will notice that you have become much less nervous and react to stressful situations more calmly,”the expert continues.

Swimming in the pool helps to relax the muscles in the body. Photo: globallookpress. Method 3: Switching to a book or a movie helps to stop thinking about the problem When we are very worried about something, we constantly focus on it. The more we think about the problem, the more nervous we become. It is especially difficult to experience such situations when there is no way to influence the course of events.

“For example, you need to sign a major contract. A few days, or even weeks before an important meeting, a person may feel like they are on pins and needles. Although at this stage nothing depends on him and all that remains is to wait.

In such a situation, it is advisable to switch. Tell yourself: “That's it! I don't think about it anymore! " does not work with everyone. It is better to occupy yourself with something interesting: read a book that you didn’t get your hands on, watch movies or TV shows for which you didn’t have enough time. Even a board game will do. The main thing is that during the process you forget about an important matter,”the psychologist advised.

Reading a book is a good way to shift your focus so that you can forget about problems for a while. Photo: globallookpress. Method 4: Exercise helps unload the brain by loading the body In a way, this is similar to the previous method - switching. But in this case, you not only distract from the problems, but also help the brain to unload, because everyone knows that mental and physical work must be alternated.

“You can find a way out without buying a gym membership. Getting started by exercising in the morning is also a good option.

It is logical that in a moment of severe stress, you will not be able to escape from the office of a screaming boss and pull yourself up on a horizontal bar, so I am sharing a life hack. After a stressful meeting, we lock ourselves in the toilet and squat rhythmically. Two to three approaches 10 times. This light exercise will help you quickly burn adrenaline and return to your seat in a state of harmony. In addition to squats, you can take a walk or even run in the park next to work,”said Ksenia Ulyanova.

Fitness or exercising in the morning can help unload the brain. Photo: globallookpress. Method 5: deep breathing quickly relieves stress "Exhale!" - a person hears this phrase every time he loses his temper. And you know, you need to heed this advice, because in many eastern practices breathing is given a special place.

“During stress, there is a feeling of shortness of breath, shortness of breath. This is due to the fact that the rhythmic breathing goes astray. If you master the technique of correct breathing, then you can even cope with a panic attack in 7 minutes.

There are a lot of similar practices! I'll tell you the easiest way. You breathe in air first with your stomach, and then rise higher to the chest. Hold, and then exhale in the same sequence: first, push the air out of the abdomen and finally out of the chest. Five minutes and no trace of stress will remain,”the expert summed up.

TV presenter Natalia Medvedeva breathes in the lotus position. Photo: globallookpress. Psychologist Ksenia Ulyanova Psychologist Ksenia Ulyanova told how to calm down quickly.

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